What you need to know about Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery

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Has Ariana Grande had Plastic Surgery?

what you need t know about ariana grande's plastic surgery

ariana grande

It is no doubt that Ariana Grande is one of the most beautiful women in the music and acting worlds. It is not only beauty but her breathtaking acting and hit-after-hit music have placed her name at the peak. Thought young, Ariana Grande has become an icon of admiration with a massive following. The fame she has accrued herself has in turn placed at the limelight with her fans whispering, gossiping, speculating, and even spreading rumors about anything they notice on the singer. 

Being in the spotlight for a while now has exposed Ariana Grande to speculations and rumors and more so in aspects pertaining to her body transformation and beauty. Just like most celebrities in Hollywood, Ariana Grande has not been left out by the fans who doubt the naturalness of her beauty. According to her ardent fans, Ariana’s physical appearance has in so many ways changed from when she first came into the scenes. Yes, changes that are not attached to the natural growth or puberty but most probably depended on plastic surgery.what you need t know about ariana grande's plastic surgery

Even though the singer cum actress has been on the denying end against all plastic surgery charges leveled against her, the die-hard fans and even experts stand their ground that, that their ears might have failed them on this but not their eyes. According to them, Ariana Grande has tweaked her appearance to more feminine. In this case, At least three cosmetic procedures have been accredited for altering Grande’s appearances. These procedures include Lip injections, nose job, and brow lift.

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Has Grande had a Browlift?

In her prior to pic dated 2009, Ariana Grande’s brows seem to be close to her eyes and low on her forehead. The look gives her a much more masculine appearance. Bearing in mind that is done to raise in most cases brow lift is essential for the elimination of drooping skin and wrinkles, one would ask why would a young person like Ariana Grande opt for the procedure yet she has no wrinkles to worry about? 

Speculations have it that Ariana Grande is most likely to have opted for endoscopic eyebrow lift which is known to raise the eyebrows above the forehead in small incisions. This is anchored on the observation made based on her recent pic in which her eyebrows are noticeably higher than initially on the forehead. The cosmetic procedure also seems to have had a side effect on her since her eyelids appear to be larger. This drastic noticeable change is not possible naturally and hence the brow lift speculation. Besides, the absence of weighing skin and fatty tissues down her eyes is yet another confirmation that sees us nod in acceptance of the rumors that Ariana Grande truly has had a brow lift.

Did She Have a Nose job?

Initially, as it is evident in her before 2008 images, Ariana Grande’s nose looked clunky and almost bulbous. It actually several bumps, dents, and curves as well. In her post-2008 pics, and most probably in 2016, Ariana Grande’s nose is noticeably in a more streamlined shape than before. It looks more refined and sleeker with a smaller nose tip. In addition, it appears to be slightly pointed upwards exposing her nostrils. The bumps, curves, and dents seem to be gone for good. Since it is naturally impossible for a human nose to undergo such a change over time, we all turn our eyes to a nose job. Yes, a reconstructive rhinoplasty seems to have given a helping hand towards Grande’s newly reconstructed nice-looking nose.

what you need t know about ariana grande's plastic surgery

Has She had Lip Fillers?

Taking a few leaps back to 2010 when Ariana Grande acted in Nickelodeon’s sitcom, “Victorious”, her lips were normal looking and attractive. Her upper lip appeared to be a little bit thinner compared to the lower lip with an additional beautiful natural smile.

In her post about the alleged lip fillers procedures, Ariana Grande’s lips appear to be noticeably fuller and juicier than before. This drastic change has even seen some people refer to Grande’s lips using the phrase, “trout pout” which refers to a situation in which lips are noticeably overfilled. All in all Ariana Grande’s lips still look glamorous. Though we are not quite sure of the exact lip filler procedure she underwent, Grande’s surgeon seemed to have done an excellent job since there are no visible lumps and ridges. This is yet another nod to the plastic surgery rumors around Ariana Grande.

A quick look at Ariana Grande’s latest photos shows her lip fillers in full force. It seems she is in love with her new thick lips since, in almost all her pics, their lips seem to be well maintained.

What Plastic Surgeries hasn’t she Done?

Breast Augmentation

Though there have been rumors that Ariana Grande has had a boob job, keen observations prove it all that the “Yours Truly” hitmaker didn’t undergo such cosmetic procedure. Let’s give credit where it is deserved. When she first stepped into the acting scenes, Ariana Grande was just but a child, and her boobs were much smaller than they are now. With a keen look into her cleavage, one can easily accredit her slightly bigger chest to natural weight gain as she grew up.

what you need t know about ariana grande's plastic surgery

A picture of Ariana Grande dated back to her full-blown puberty age and her recent images clearly show that her cleavage has remained the same size all through. Just by a look at her breasts, one can easily conclude that Ariana Grande’s bra size ranges between A cup or B cup for all these years. Therefore with regard to the breast augmentation surgery, it is a no for Ariana Grande. She never did it.

Butt Augmentation

Even in their widespread rumors about Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery, her fans were keen enough not to touch on butt augmentation. They actually seem to unanimously agree on the fact that Ariana Grande never boosted the size of her butts. This is based on the fact that the singer had tiny butts when she first came into the spotlight and she has maintained such physic all through her times before the public eye.  

When Did Arian Do Her Various Plastic Surgeries?

Once it comes to when Ariana Grande did her alleged plastic Surgeries only she knows when exactly. However, based on a comparison between her before and after pics it is easy to come up year bracket in which the singer did what cosmetic procedure. AS for her nose job, it is alleged that Grande went under the knife anywhere between 2012 and 2013. Grande is reported to have done her eyebrow lift between 2009 and 2014 whereas her lip fillers a said to have been injected in 2017.


Just like most celebrities, Ariana Grande has been in denial that she has had any cosmetic works done on her. However, her denial doesn’t bar you from using your eyes. From your observations, what can you see? What do you think? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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