All you need to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plastic surgery

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Has Arnold Schwarzenegger had Plastic Surgery?

arnold schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an all-around man. Whenever you peruse through the pages of film, politics, bodybuilding, authorship, as well business, amazingly, you must come across the name Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a man who has graced our screens for centuries now with his extraordinary acting and bodybuilding performances. However, the more he became an icon of admiration across the world, the more he became subjected to rumors and speculations. Yes, rumors that you and I have heard.

“The Terminator” is now 73 years old however his age and his looks don’t seem to have a common ground. It has been observed that Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to be way younger than his real age. The mismatch between his real age and his looks has drawn a lot of speculations and rumors associating the actor with the use of plastic surgery to rejuvenate his looks.

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The allegations were wavy such that they left the Hollywood star with no option but to come out publicly and share his side of the story with regards to plastic surgery. According to the “Commando” actor, he has never and would never have plastic surgery. However, contrary to his sentiments on plastic surgery, his followers have maintained that the 38th Governor of the state of California must have gone under the surgeon’s knife. This has led to the posing of the rhetoric, has he or hasn’t he had plastic surgery? Well, let’s find out.


What Plastic Surgeries has had Arnold Schwarzenegger?


Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly denied the allegations that he has had plastic surgery, his fans didn’t tire of going an extra step to prove that the movie star has had some surgical alterations made on his body. To justify their allegations, the speculators did a comparison of the actor’s past versus preset versus recent images. This way, it was concluded that Schwarzenegger most likely had at least a facelift, neck lift, Botox, fillers as well as cheek and chin implants. Did he or didn’t he? Let’s dig deeper.

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger go for a Facelift?


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s followers are the type that believes more in what they see than what they hear. Even though the actor denied having any plastic surgery from observation his facial appearance doesn’t look natural at all. It is the norm for people age Schwarzenegger to have droopy skin around their face. However, as for Schwarzenegger, even with the advancement in years, his facial skin doesn’t seem to grow saggy. It just lacks the old-age flaws. Just by a look at him, there is every indication that Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to turn back the clock hands. This is not achievable naturally and that’s why it has been accredited to plastic surgery, a facelift to be specific.

arnold schwarzenegger


Has Schwarzenegger had a Neck lift?


Just like a facelift, a neck lift is a cosmetic procedure intended to pull together loose, saggy skin around the neck, thus eliminating old-age signs. Both you and I know that it is inevitable for a man of Arnold Schwarznegger’s age to have droopy skin around the neck. This however is not the case with the actor since the saggy skins that were there initially seem to have faded away. What could be the underlying factor behind such a sudden drastic noticeable change? Such can only be attributed to a neck lift since nature is limited to working such wonders.


Does the Actor Have a History with Botox?


A picture is worth a thousand words and a comparison between Arnold Schwarzenegger’s before and after pics the difference is just visible. There is every indication of the big “B” on Arnold’s forehead. From his previous pics, Schwarzenegger’s forehead had every sign of old-age flaws ranging from wrinkles to expression marks. However, as years went by, the old norm seems to have ushered in a new wave of uncomparable old-age beauty. The actor’s wrinkles seem to have decreased by a big margin.

This, to a person who didn’t know Schwarzenegger long enough, would term it as “aging gracefully”’ However, a person who knows the actor pretty well would easily notice the unnatural appearance on his face. The decreased wrinkles and creases with an increase in age are total defiance to gravity and can only be explained by Botox.


Has Schwarzenegger had Fillers?


A comparison between his earlier versus present images tends to reveal that his face looks puffier and generally broader than usual. This has directly been linked to facial fillers on the grounds that, as one gets older, the baby fat on his face seems to disappear making his face appear to be slim. For men of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s age, the situation is even extreme making the cheeks appear to be flat. On the contrary, Schwarzenegger’s cheeks and generally the face appears to have become voluminous in the recent days than they were several years back and thus have attracted filler speculations.


Some other followers have argued that his alleged facelift and Botox must have been laced with fillers t give such an impressive appearance in his 70’s.


Has he had Chin Implants?

arnold schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger’s chin is yet another area that has not been soared out by the plastic surgery rumor wave. It has been alleged that the actor’s chin seems to have grown narrow in the recent days than it was some years back. Additionally, the previously impending creases around his chin area seem to have been eliminated all of sudden. These noticeable changes are what seem to have attracted chin implant speculations to the actor.


What are the Experts’ Take Pertaining Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Plastic Surgery?


The speculations on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plastic surgery have received expertise back up from plastic surgeons, Dr. Richard Ellenbogen and Dr. Paul S. Nassif, both of whom argue that the actor doesn’t appear to be 100% natural. According to Dr. Ellenbogen, it is most likely that Schwarzenegger has had a facelift, chin improvement, neck lift, and probably facial filler injection. On the other hand, Dr. Nassif Even argues that if at all the actor has had plastic surgery, then it must have been subtle and was done by a highly skilled surgeon. All in all the duo concurs that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged plastic surgery was a job well done.


Final Word


Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied the allegations that he has had plastic surgery that does not seem to be convincing enough for his followers. For that reason, many have continued to open their eyes wider as they give their points of view concerning the whole plastic surgery story. What about you? What is your take with regards to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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