Ashley Iaconetti Plastic Surgery

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Ashley Iaconetti’s Plastic Surgery

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Ashley Iaconetti

Being a journalist and a media personality who started appearing on the screens at a young age, Ashley Iaconetti has been in the spotlight for quite a long now. Ever since she set her feet on the ABC’s television series, “The Bachelor”, Iaconetti has had noticeable changes and more so in her physical appearances.

Her new facial looks in particular have sparked up plastic surgery speculations from her fans from all corners of the world with the absence of fine lines supplement by a smooth forehead being accredited to Botox. Besides Ashley Iaconetti’s drastic change in the size of her lips from thin to bigger and juicier has attracted speculations of the possible use of filler injections by the journalist.

celeb plasticsurgery ashley iaconetti body transformation 20201203 celebrity plastic surgery
after alleged plastic surgery

At a time when the big question was, has she or hasn’t she undergone the surgeon’s knife, Iaconetti came out publicly admitting that she has had plastic surgery. The journalist did the most unexpected since most Hollywood celebrities remain; mum, once it comes to revealing their plastic surgery details. Thanks to her for bringing us to light by giving substantial information concerning her plastic surgery details.

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After some time of guesswork and speculations that linked Iaconetti with Botox, the journalist finally came out admitting the allegations and unveiling every piece of information concerning the details of the procedure. She revealed that since turning 26 she has had 20 units of Botox done to her forehead every three months. During an interview, Iaconetti went on record saying, “You all know I’m a very expressive person! 26 years old seems like a young age to start Botoxing, but that’s what I did. (It’s a preventative!) I would get deep wrinkles in my forehead whenever I’d just slightly raise my brows talking.” According to her, she underwent Botox as her only remedy to her wrinkles problem.

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“Every time I’d express any type of emotion, my brow would squish. When I was 26, I saw the lines were getting etched into my forehead and were particularly noticeable when I was wearing makeup. Part of me thought I was nuts. But three days later, when the effects started to show, I didn’t have a single regret.” Iaconetti adds.

Filler Injections

The drastic change of the general size of lips from thin to a bigger size and juicier one is what propelled the speculations of the possible use of filler injections by the journalist. While confessing that she has had Botox, Iaconetti also gave deeper details of her Filler cosmetic procedure. The journalist unveiled that, every six months she gets half a syringe of lip fillers to boost the appearance of her lips before her audience.


Now that Ashley Iaconetti has come out publicly admitting that she has had plastic surgery in the form of Botox and fillers, the only question she leaves at the back of our minds is, how does she look after the procedures? Do you think she has had other cosmetic procedures other than Botox and fillers? Share your thoughts.

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