Evidence that Brad Pitt has had plastic surgery

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Has Brad Pitt Had Plastic Surgery?

evidence that brad pitt has had plastic surgery

brad pitt

Being a Hollywood actor is so demanding that one does not only need to give an outstanding performance but grace the screens with attractive looks as well. Brad Pitt has seen top celebrities get out of their way in a bid to become the viewers’ favorite in terms of beauty and handsomeness. They strive to look better and younger have over the years has seen top celebrities gather together at the pool of plastic surgery. Brad Pitt is in no way an exception in the plastic surgery rumors and speculation. Up to 2007, the actor’s age seemed to be directly proportional to his looks. The Pitt is naturally handsome, the period between 2007 and now has placed him on the receiving end of plastic surgery criticism. His critics have been on the forefront pointing fingers at his physical looks saying that he is too handsome to be natural. Despite the fact that Pitt has never publicly claimed or denied going under the scalpel, for the last thirteen or so years the actors speculated cosmetic surgery has been the talk of the city.

What Plastic Surgeries is He Rumored to Have Done?

Brad Pitt is one celebrity who is believed to be the women’s choice since his handsomeness gives goosebumps. His looks in recent years however seem to be defying gravity since the actor doesn’t seem to age at all. Instead of resembling a typical 50-plus-year-old, Brad Pitt looks 20 years younger than his age. This noticeable change in appearance has been accredited to cosmetic surgeries. According to speculators, Brad Pitt has had a combination of plastic surgeries including, a nose job, jaw implants, chemical peels and laser skin treatments, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, facelift, and Botox.

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Why Nose Job?

evidence that brad pitt has had plastic surgery

It is speculated that the Plan B productions owner has had some subtle work done on his nose since a comparison done between his before pic and recent image show some noticeable changes on his nose. Initially, Brad Pitt’s nose was bulbous with a broad bottom and broad nasal bridge. This appearance seems to have been altered a bit over the years giving the nose a less bulbous shape and a smaller bottom. Besides, the nose bridge seems to be narrower than it was before. It is such noticeable changes that have triggered rhinoplasty speculations on the actor. Additionally, experts have also chipped in saying that if at all they went through a nose job, then it must have been a subtle procedure since it is almost impossible to notice the changes made on the nose. It appears natural.

 Did Pitt Undergo an Eye Surgery?

Up to 2007, Pitt’s followers didn’t have anything to say about his eyes. The area around his eyes seemed natural up to until that moment when the bagginess under his eyes disappeared all over sudden. The wrinkles around his eyes seem to have disappeared miraculously leaving behind an open eye area. This is not possible anywhere on earth without the use of a cosmetic procedure, an eye surgery to be specific. Furthermore, Pitt’s eye surgery seems to have been done professionally since the new look fits the actor so well with no signs of a botched procedure at all.

 Has he had an Otoplasty?

Initially, Brad Pitt’s ears were the most outstanding feature on his head. Young Pitt had had large unattractive ears that to some extent interfered with his breathtaking handsomeness. Over the years, however, this outstanding feature seems to have taken a different appearance as portrayed in the actor’s recent images. In the recent pics, the actor’s ears don’t seem protruded anymore but rather hang very well on the sides of his head perfectly matching his attractive looks. This noticeable change has been accredited to an otoplasty since nature can’t do this.

 Did Pritt Get Jaw Implants?

evidence that brad pitt has had plastic surgery

This is one cosmetic procedure that has ignited a heated debate amongst Pritt’s fans with a majority speculating that the actor’s jaw has had some subtle work done on it. Growing up, young Brad Pritt was known to have a protruding jawline which seems to have become less prominent in recent days. Though a good number of his fans say the changes are purely due to weight gain, another lot believe that the actor has had some jaw implants that have helped him correct his protruding jaw giving him a more attractive look.

 Did Botox Give a Helping Hand?

Going by his aging statistics, back in 2007, Brad Pitt’s face had begun to develop some wrinkles on the forehead. Normally, it would be expected that wrinkles on the actor’s forehead would be more in his fifties now. Contrary to the expectations, Brad Pitt looks the same way he looked thirteen years ago with laser wrinkles than expected. He just looks so youthful with no signs of aging. Is this naturally possible? It is undeniable that the actor has had a helping hand from the big “B”, Botox.

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 What about a facelift?

How possible is it for a fifty-year-old to lack sagging skins? Probably impossible. This is one observation on Brad Pritt’s face that seems to defy gravity. The actor’s facial skin looks smooth and tight with no loose skin hanging here and there. Such a look for the 57-year old actor can only be accredited to facelift since nowhere on earth can nature give such an appearance.

evidence that brad pitt has had plastic surgery

 Did Pritt Have Chemical Peels and Laser Skin Treatments

Initially, Brad Pritt had some scars on his face which were alleged to be the result of an acne problem he had. Over the years, however, the scars seem to have become less visible stirring up chemical peel and laser treatments speculations. Even though the actor has never openly confessed undergoing the procedures such a noticeable change can only be accredited to the two cosmetic procedures. The procedures seem to have worked so perfectly for the actor giving him a new impressive appearance. 


Just like most celebrities, Brad Pritt has never gone public claiming or denying all the plastic surgery speculations pinned on him. Whether Pritt has had the above-mentioned plastic surgeries or not, one fact remains clear, the actor remains truly handsome. Besides, if at all he has had the procedures then they must have been done so professionally since the actor looks natural with no single sign of a botched procedure at all.



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