Here are 7 Hidden Facts you didn’t know about Cardi B’s plastic surgery

by Reema
Cardi B plastic surgery

Did Cardi B Have Plastic Surgery?

cardi b plastic surgery

cardi b plastic surgery

The question of whether or not Cardi B has had plastic surgery is nothing to scratch our heads since the singer has put every detail in black and white. The rapper has on several occasions cited her cosmetic procedures in interviews and even in her songs. In one of her hit song lyrics, Cardi B goes on rapping, “When I was a dancer, I spent a lot of money to look good.” These lyrics allude to her butt implants and breast augmentation. Her story doesn’t end there as the outspoken rapper has on several occasions gone on record saying she parted with a colossal amount of money for her teeth surgery.


Cardi B is one celebrity who is so proud of most of the results she has gotten from plastic surgery. Though she has been criticized on several occasions for her unnatural appearance, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker is so proud to have invested in herself.


So, what Cosmetic Procedures did Cardi B Plastic Surgery Undergo?


Though she was beautiful even before she went for plastic surgery, Cardi B had to surgically boost her beauty. According to her confessions, Cardi B’s breath-taking beauty is dependent on at least three cosmetic procedures which include dental surgery, boob job, butt augmentation, and liposuction

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Did She Have a Boob job?


Did Cardi get a boob job? Are her breasts natural or fake? From a look of her “before” and “after” plastic surgery one doesn’t need to be told whether or not Cardi had a boob job. Yes, she has had a boob job. Cardi plastic surgery to lay our speculations to rest the outspoken rapper admitted that her breasts are not natural. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper made her confession on having had a boon job during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show.



While breaking the ice on her boob job, Cardi B boob job, she said that she did her boob job back in the days she was a stripper since made a lot of money from stripping. At the time she got her boob job, Cardi was only 20 years old. The rapper expressed great satisfaction from the cosmetic procedure since it landed her more jobs, thanks to the procedure.


Initially, Cardi B’s cleavage was small and flatter as opposed to her new busty frame. In her after-boob job pics, Cardi B’s breasts look bigger, and rounder giving her chest a much more elevated posture


Did Cardi B Have Butt Implants?


For this cosmetic procedure, Cardi B plastic surgery once again saved her ardent fans the energy to keep speculating as she spilled out every detail in yet another interview. The rapper was speaking with GQ when she said that she spent $800 on butt implants which according to her was quite cheap. Cardi went on serving it hot saying that her butt lift procedure gave her the main painful procedure ever. Cardi went through a scary butt injection procedure that became the talk of the town after a plastic surgeon botched it up.


Originally, the rapper wanted liposuction that would facilitate the transfer of fat from her body but that proved futile due to lack of enough fat in her body. After her plans hit a rock the surgeon hit a rock, her surgeon gave the alternative of injectable fillers which didn’t work quite well for her. She realized that the surgeon had botched the procedure after her butt injectable implants leaked for five days leaving her with no option but to return to the clinic. According to her, the surgeon had not only failed her but she also witnessed another patient die on the table out of the surgeon’s incompetence.


The botched procedure didn’t in any way make the rapper regretful but instead, she became more open while at the same time she cautioned people to choose carefully the surgeons they prefer for different cosmetic procedures. After the procedure was corrected by another certified procedure, her bottom is now in good shape and size. It looks bigger than it was in her precious moments as documented in her pics.


How Did Cardi B Plastic Surgery Fix Her Crooked Teeth?


Initially, Cardi B had crooked teeth which placed her at the receiving end of criticism especially on her Instagram. This pushed her to the point of visiting a dental surgeon for some dental surgery. In an interview, the rapper spilled out that she visited Dr. Catrise Austin in New York City who had her teeth fixed with veneers and braces. Dr. Austin did some good work on Card B’s dental appearance giving a new attractive look. His good work on Cardi B saw his client base shoot up after the rapper posted a pic showing off her new teeth on social media. Cardi further spilled it that the procedure cost her about $ 40,000.


Before veneers and braces were put in place, Cardi B had two lower incisors which were smaller than the other teeth. After the teeth filling procedure, however, the problem was fixed for good boosting the rapper’s smile confidence.


Did She Have Liposuction?


After giving birth to her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, Cardi B’s belly got fatter. This post-pregnancy appearance didn’t impress the rapper and she was left with liposuction as her remedy. Cardi B has once again admitted undergoing liposuction in a bid to get the excess post-pregnancy fat from her stomach.


Does Cardi B Intend to Undergo Any Other Plastic Surgery?



After developing complications from her previous plastic surgeries, the “Please Me” singer took it to tweeter saying that she will not be undergoing any other cosmetic procedure. According to the rapper, she feels swell up whenever she took a flight, something that didn’t happen before she went under the knife. After the liposuction, Cardi mentioned that her stomach developed the problem of becoming puffy every other time.


“Look how swollen my feet get every time I take flights… Stomach gets even puffier.” Cardi B revealed. The complications have also seen her doctor advise her to take some break from performing at concerts.


“I hate canceling shows because I love money. I’m a money addict, and I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows. A lot of money. I’m canceling millions of dollars in shows, but like, health is wealth, so I have to do what I have to do,” added Cardi B.

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How Much Did She Spend on Plastic Surgery?


In matters to do with her expenditure on plastic surgery, only Cardi B knows what exactly she spent on each cosmetic procedure. However, based on the information she shared during interviews, the rapper parted with a whopping $ 40, 000 for her dental surgery and spent about $ 800 on her first botched butt implants.


What Surgeon’s Did Her Various Plastic Surgeries?


In as far as what surgeon did what plastic surgery, again, only Cardi B knows. As for her dental surgery, however, the rapper was satisfied enough to recommend the work done by her dental surgeon, Dr. Catrise Austin based in New York City.

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