Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery

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Has Catherine Bell Had Plastic Surgery?

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Being a Hollywood celebrity translates to the ability to withstand pressure from fans and competition from looks. The combination has historically seen actresses, musicians, and models among other celebrities opt for plastic surgery in a bid to refresh their looks to appear more impressive to their target audiences. Catherine Bell is no better.

To possess such youthful looks in her fifties, Catherine Bell has received all manner of speculations linking her to cosmetic procedures. It has been rumored that Bell has at least gone through chemical peels, facelift, nose job, and Botox to achieve her current youthful looks.

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Chemical peels

After being identified with thyroid cancer at the age of 19, Catherine Bell underwent thyroid surgery and has ever since been taking thyroid hormonal drugs to stabilize her wellness. As expected Bell would have a permanent scar on her neck after the surgery. Contrary to the expectations, however, Bell doesn’t have the scar, and hence the use of chemical peels being accredited to her scarless neck.


Catherine Bell’s “before” photo clearly shows how her face skin was sagging and generally shedding flexibility. Additionally, Bell had a prominent “crow’s feet” around her mouth as well as deep lines around her nose. Her “After” picture shows a completely “new” Bell since those lines and creases seem to have faded away. This sudden change in appearance is impossible not unless one denies gravity. From observations, it is undeniable that Bell has had a helping hand from a facelift. It seems to have worked so well for her rejuvenating and giving her a youthful fresh look.

Nose job

If you closely have a look at Catherine Bell’s “Before” pic, it wouldn’t be hard to discover that initially, the “Army Wives” actress has a big and more round nose. Her nasal bridge back then seems to be wider. In her recent image, the is every evidence of a nose job since her nose looks pointier than before and her nasal bridge slimmer. Her nostrils in the “after” look narrower as opposed to her earlier wider appearance. These are the major observations making the basis of the argument that by all means, Catherine Bell must have had a nose job in a bid to look more impressive to her fans.

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Just by a mere comparison between Catherine Bell’s “Prior to” and her “after” images, you can notice that some work has been done to her face, particularly her forehead. In her initial images, Bell’s face had creases, wrinkles, and fine lines. In her recent pic, however, these flaws seem to have disappeared.

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Nowhere on earth is such a drastic change naturally possible. This draws our attention to Botox as a major catalyst behind Bell’s rejuvenated new youthful looks.


It is also speculated that Bell has had cheek fillers in a bid to rejuvenate a youthful look. Again a comparison between her previous verses present photo tells it all. In her “Before” image Catherine Bell’s cheeks had started to appear saggy contrary to her seemingly puffier cheeks in her recent photos.


Despite all the speculations, Catherine Bell has remained mum about the whole story of plastic surgery still leaving us in the thick darkness of verifying our speculations. Besides, the issue of whether she has had a boob job has sparked a heated debate with fans disagreeing on whether or not the model has had the cosmetic procedure. But let us your views. What do you think? Has she or hasn’t she gone under the surgeon’s knife? Leave a comment.

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