Do you think Chelsea Clinton has had plastic surgery? Here is what you need to know

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Has Chelsea Clinton had Plastic Surgery?

do you think chelsea clinton has had plastic surgery? here is what you need to know

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Chelsea Clinton is one person who has been in the limelight for long enough allowing her followers to monitor her every move in life as well the opportunity to gossip about any changes in her physical appearance. It is from this close monetization that a good number of her followers have started to smell a rat, especially concerning her looks. In the recent past, Chelsea Clinton’s appearances have attracted all manner of rumors and speculations that you I have heard. Yes, plastic surgery rumors. From a comparison of her earlier on pics and her most recent ones a section of followers, critics, and plastic surgery experts don’t seem to attribute her appearance to nature. According to this lot, Chelsea Clinton is too hot to be 100% natural. She must have gotten the helping hand of plastic surgery treatments. The plastic surgery speculations on Chelsea have over the years stirred up a heated dialogue amongst all who know him with the big question being, has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Well, let’s find out.

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What Plastic Surgeries Has Had Chelsea Clinton?

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Chelsea Clinton’s images are no exception. A comparison of her images at the time His father, Bill Clinton, was the head of the U.S government and her recent images seem to be telling more than just a story, a physical appearance change to be exact. While it is true that the former president’s daughter has undergone lots of inevitable natural body changes as the normal way of maturity, it also goes without saying that some changes go beyond the natural standards. A close-up shot of her nose, mouth, chin, and forehead has ignited so many murmurs in the recent past. These body parts have become the center of plastic surgery talks with regards to Chelsea Clinton. Speculations have it that the “She Persisted” author has several cosmetic procedures that include; a nose job, lip fillers, veneers, chin implants, and Botox at least.

Has Chelsea had a Nose job?

do you think chelsea clinton has had plastic surgery? here is what you need to know

A comparison of her teenage pic and recent pic seem to surface some noticeable changes. In most of her childhood images, Chelsea Clinton’s nose looked big, bulbous, and had a bumpy wide nasal bridge. This earlier observation seems to clash with her most recent appearance where her nose looks smaller, with a narrow nasal bridge. Her nose tip this time round is well defined somewhat elevated. Generally, the nasal bones seem to have narrowed down. The big question behind these noticeable changes is, can nature give such changes? Your answer is a good as mine. The changes in Chelsea Clinton’s nose have for this reason been attributed to rhinoplasty.

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The nose job speculations have had a supporting hand from an expert, Dr. Walden, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon. According to Walden, Chelsea’s nose job looks to have been a very conservative one. “it looks like it was a very conservative nose job that removed the bump from the bridge of her nose, slimmed her nasal bones done somewhat, and refined the tip to make it look less bulbous or droopy.” Dr. Walden asserts.

Did She Go for Chin Implants?

The ears may lie but not the eyes. From observations, Chelsea’s chin looks different from what it looked like in her teenage age. Back in the days, her chin had this big, wide appearance. Surprisingly, this old look seems to have faded away with time as her chin now looks narrower and a bit smaller. In her recent pics, Chelsea’s chin seems to so well match her face giving her a more feminine look. This noticeable change seems to have defied gravity and hence paving the way for chin implant speculations.

do you think chelsea clinton has had plastic surgery? here is what you need to know

According to Dr. Walden, Chelsea Clinton seems to have had a chin augmentation to help her chin look proportional to her face as well as to attain a stronger jawline than she had before.

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Did Chelsea Clinton Get Some Veneers?

In her childhood days, Chelsea Clinton had braces attached to her teeth. Actually, without the braces, Chelsea used to have one very crooked dental alignment. The braces seem to have done perfect work of straightening her teeth, thanks to them. However, something new in her teeth seems to raise everyone’s eyebrows. Chelsea’s teeth seem to have become brighter than they were initially. Could she be using a special toothpaste? It is from this observation that most people have attributed veneers as the catalyst behind Chelsea’s “new” set of pearly teeth.

Does Chelsea Clinton Get Some Lip Fillers?

Young Chelsea used to have a gummy smile or a smile that exposes one’s gums. This mostly happens in cases where the upper lip is considerably shorter than the lower one. In recent days, however, the gummy smile initially seen in the former president’s daughter seems to have faded away. Nowadays, Chelsea Clinton has one of the best smiles ever. The drastic noticeable change has seen the publics suspect lip filler injection for facilitating the good smile portrayed by Chelsea these days. 

From the experts’ desk, it seems that Chelsea got some soft tissue fillers in her upper lip to help make her upper lip big enough to cover up the majority of her gums. Unlike most celebrities who have cravings for enlarging their lips through lip fillers, Chelsea Clinton’s lip fillers (if any), were specifically intended to do away with her gummy smile. 

Did Chelsea Have Some Botox?

The main reason behind Chelsea Clinton’s big “B” speculations is her smooth, flawless face. This section of followers believes that having hit the 40 years mark, the businesswoman should at least have some impending signs of some wrinkles and fine lines, which she seems to lack. According to them, her forehead is too smooth to be natural and hence they attribute the appearance to Botox. These speculations have in recent years been met by a heavy storm of opposition from another section of her followers who argue that Chelsea’s smooth is a direct replica of her good dietary habits.


Despite the murmurs, rumors, and speculations about Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgery, the former president’s daughter has never come out openly on the matter. However, even without her sentiments on the issue, people have talked and continued talking about it. In connection to Chelsea Clinton’s rumored plastic surgery, what is your take? Do you think she has had the speculated or any other cosmetic procedures? Share your thoughts.


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