Chris Browns Mom Looks Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Chris Browns Mom Plastic Surgery

Chris Browns mom looks before and after plastic surgery has shocked many people around the world. Find out the procedures she has got done and their effects.

Chris Browns mom, Joyce Hawkins, has always remained in front of cameras because of her son’s music video premiers and other award shows, but she recently posted photos on her Instagram, where she goes by the name of mombreezyofficial has left fans stunned as she looked completely changed. Changes are so obvious that Chris Browns mom looks before and after plastic surgery do not match each other even a bit.

It is pretty clear from her photos that she has undergone medical procedures to make herself look younger and attractive to the cameras. There are speculations that she might have gone for botox and fillers, but such huge changes rule out these speculations. This massive change in her looks can only be explained by cosmetic surgery, like a facelift that involves treating the whole face to make someone look younger.

Sometimes these procedures are not as successful as advertised, but in her case, it looks like it worked perfectly since she looks younger, and we are talking about a period of no less than 10 to 15 years. This facelift made her more confident as she started posting her photos regularly on Instagram. These photos were so stunning that after seeing the first photo post-surgery, some people even said she photoshopped her old photos.

Who is Chris Browns Mom?

Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown’s mom, is an entrepreneur in addition to a social media celebrity. Most people know about her because of her close relations with her son and being with him at almost all the functions, but very few people know about her clothing store, Rose Marron, which mainly sells tie-dye pieces and clothes for children.

She has also been active on social media lately after her plastic surgery. Actually, she was the first one to put Chris Brown in the music industry by searching for record labels after listening to her son’s voice.

Chris Browns Mom’s Surgery Procedures

After noticing sudden enormous changes in her face, fans started to point out the possible medical procedures she might have undergone, including a facelift that may either be partial or complete but in her case, it looked like a complete facelift. Chris Browns mom’s plastic surgery completely changed her to look younger, which gave her confidence and attracted attention, making her feel good in all possible ways.

chris browns mom looks before and after plastic surgery


Unlike other celebrities who choose minor medical procedures like botox and fillers, she decided to go for a complete facelift. In case you are unaware, it involves removing or repositioning fat under the face skin that removes wrinkles and makes a person look young. The same happened with Joyce Hawkins, as there were no wrinkles on her face after the surgery and her cheeks looked more filled.

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After seeing her photos post-surgery, some fans even commented she is aging backward as she looked 35 to 40 years old while her actual age is 57. From this difference, you can imagine how many changes must have occurred.

Nose Job

Just like most people who undergo facelift procedures, Joyce Hawkins also chose to get a nose job along with a facelift. The nose in Chris Brown’s mom’s before photos looked broad and small, but after getting the nose job, it looked slim, and there were marks on it just like the rest of the face.


Chris Brown’s mom’s jawline was slightly visible before surgery, but after the surgery, it became quite sharp and prominent, indicating the fat repositioning on the face.

Chris Browns Mom Looks Before And After Plastic Surgery

Since the surgery pics came into the spotlight and people started sharing them on social media, many fans have been interested in seeing what the singer’s mom looked like before the surgery. Since these are drastic changes, it is evident she had undergone plastic surgery, but Joyce Hawkins didn’t say anything about the surgery, which is a possible thing as most celebrities don’t open up about these things.

We compared Chris Brown’s mom’s after photos and before photos and found the following changes. Nevertheless, you can have a look by yourself and see what exactly has changed.

Face and cheeks naturalFace and cheeks puffed due to possible fillers
Lips were natural and less plumpLips filled and plump, possibly through fillers
Wrinkles on the faceNo marks or wrinkles on the face
Nose broad and shortNose slim with clear skin
The jawline was natural and less sharpSharp and chiseled jawline through possible surgeries
chris browns mom
chris browns mom looks before and after plastic surgery 8

Chris Browns Mom Bio

  • Joyce Hawkins was born in the United States on October 7, 1964.
  • She married Clinton Brown and later divorced him in 1995.
  • She has two children with Clinton named Chris Brown and Lytrell Bundy.
  • Currently, she is the owner of a clothing brand named Rose Marron.
  • After the divorce, she didn’t marry anyone, and according to the latest news, she is not dating anyone.


It is now clear from Chris Brown’s mom’s looks before and after plastic surgery that she surely had a cosmetic surgery which is most probably a facelift that included lips and cheeks filling, a nose job, and sharpening and shaving of the jawline. Even if she is not vocal about it at the moment, chances are that later on, she will open up about these things as it is not a thing that can be concealed. However, she is still showing off her new look proudly on social media, where she became very active right after the surgery, which means she undoubtedly loves her new face.


What kind of surgery did Chris Brown’s mom have?

Chris Brown’s mom had facelift surgery that improved overall face structure, including cheeks, lips, nose, and jawline.

Who is Chris Brown’s mom, and what does she do?

Joyce Hawkins is the name of Chris Brown’s mom, and she is an entrepreneur by profession. She owns a clothing brand, Rose Marron, mainly selling children’s clothes and tie-dye pieces.

Why does Chris Brown’s mom look so young?

Chris Brown’s mom had plastic surgery known as a facelift to remove all the wrinkles and fat from her face. These two things completely changed her looks; because of these, she looks younger than her actual age.

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