Chris Brown’s mother looks completely different after Plastic surgery

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About Chris Brown’s mother

Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins is a 56-year-old former daycare center director. She and her husband Burlington Brown had two children, Lytrell Bundy, and Chris Brown. However, she divorced her husband when Chris and Lytrell were still young. It is not clear what she does at the moment, but she is very active in her son’s musical journey. It is her who noticed Chris’s vocal talent and began looking for an opportunity for him to sign a record label.

Chris brown’s career

Chris Brown was discovered by Hitmission Records at the age of 13. They provided voice coaching to him while still looking for a record label to sign his in New York. He went on to audition at Def Jam Records, who were impressed with him before booking a meeting for him and the company president Antonio ‘L.A’ Reid. After meeting the president, he offered to sign him immediately.

celeb plasticsurgery 180706 chris brown mc 1205 760w 20201203 celebrity plastic surgery
Chris Performing

However, Chris did not stay for long at Def Jam Records. Def Records Tina Davis, who was their senior A&R executive lost her job due to a merger, and she walked away with Chris promoting his music to other labels like Jive Records and J-Records. Chris Brown went on to pick Jive records because it had a huge success story with young musicians.Topfollow apk is best app.

Chris Brown has gone on to be one of the biggest musicians in the music industry selling more than 140 million

Chris Brown’s relationship life

Chris Brown started dating Rihanna in 2007. The two broke up in 2009 after stories of domestic violence. Brown moved on to date Karrueche Tran in 2011 before breaking up with her in 2012. In 2013 Jan Chris and Rihanna were back again stating that they were now mature and that arguments and fights would not be heard again. Rihanna went on to say that Chris was not a monster as imagined by many and that he was loving and kind-hearted. Rihanna and Brown broke up again after four months, and he reunited with Tran.

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Brown and Rihanna

Tran and Brown broke up soon after she realized that Brown had a daughter with Nia Guzman in 2015. She even filed for a straining order against Chris Brown. In 2019 Brown welcomed his second child with Ammika Harris. However, his mother has kept on saying that Rihanna was a family to her and she still loved her to date. However, both Chris and Rihanna seem to have moved on with each going separate ways.

Chris brown’s mother plastic surgery

chris brown's mother joyce hawkins got transformational plastic surgery &  pics are crazy! - page 5 of 5 - popularsuperstars
Joyce Hawkins

Joyce Hawkins recently has a massive body and facial reconstruction resulting in massive changes in her appearance. Being a public figure especially because of her son’s career, which she has been a visible figure, it was easy to notice any changes in her appearance. The surgery doesn’t mean that her last appearance was not good enough. She still looked young and beautiful, but her latest look is amazing.

Joyce before plastic surgery

celeb plasticsurgery chris brown mother5 20201203 celebrity plastic surgery
Before plastic surgery

Joyce after plastic surgery

chris brown's mother joyce hawkins got transformational plastic surgery &  pics are crazy! - page 5 of 5 - popularsuperstars
Chris Brown’s mother after alleged surgery

chris brown's mother shocks fans with stunning selfie - capital xtra
Before and after


With Chris Brown’s mother looking all beautiful and not aging any time soon do you think that she has undergone plastic surgery and what do you think about her new look? Leave a comment.


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