Chris Rock Plastic Surgery

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Has Chris Rock had Plastic Surgery?

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Chris Rock is a celebrity who has been in the limelight for long enough now since making his debut appearance in the film, “Beverly Hills II” (1987). Over the years his di-hard fans have watched him grow old taking note of every change in his appearance. All through his thirties and early forties, Rock’s reflected his age. In his late forties and now past fifty, Chris Rock’s facial appearance has stirred up reactions that have sparked speculations and eventually grown into widespread rumors. Yes, rumors you and I have heard.

It has been rumored that Chris Rock has had two main types of plastic surgeries which include corrective surgery and rejuvenation cosmetic procedures. The corrective plastic surgery was intended to make him look better and more impressive than he was while growing up whereas the rejuvenation cosmetic procedure was done to give Chris a fresh youthful look in his current old age. After gambling around for some time, it was speculated that Chris Rock might have undergone a corrective nose job and fillers as well as rejuvenating his youthful appearance through Botox.

Nose Job

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A mere comparison between a “Before” and “current” pics of Chris Rock tells more than a thousand words. Initially, in the 90’s to be more specific, Rock’s nose was hideously wide and covered a large part of his face. We must admit that Chris Rock didn’t have a particularly handsome face.

However, all of a sudden Chris seems to have had a noticeable drastic change that appears to have corrected his nose giving him a very handsome appearance. His nose seems to have become more pointed at the tip as well as being slimmer than usual with narrower nostrils. This change is not possible naturally without the help of a cosmetic procedure. It is actually a classic indication of a nose job. This new look is particularly the main catalyst behind Chris Rock’s plastic surgery rumors.

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Fillers and Dental Surgery

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It is inevitable to admit that Chris Rock has indeed a nice sideways smile. But wait a minute, do you know this is not how he smiled in the ’90s? Back then, Chris Rock had a central smile with lips right in the middle. This is in contrast to his now sideways smile seemingly embedded on one side of his mouth looking for a shying person. Filler injections seem to be the only explanation behind this observation. According to plastic surgery experts, the cosmetic procedure is what has made Rock’s smile a little bit uncomfortable and a lot harder.

And now taking a few lips from the filler injection to his teeth, did you know, Chris Rock initially had crooked, dull, and generally wrong dental formulae? This contrasts his now bright and well-aligned teeth which again conveys the message that some work was done on them, a dental surgery to be specific.


In his thirties and early forties, Chris Rock seemed to be aging proportionately to his facial appearance. In the late forties and now in his fifties, a sudden turn-around seems to have occurred on his face. Chris Rock’s face seems to have had a noticeable drastic change that has erased the frown lines, tightening and smoothening his facial skin.

He looks afresh and rejuvenated and one can easily mistake him to be a twenty-year-old. Is this change really possible naturally? Your guess is as good as mine. That way, the “big B”, Botox seems to be the answer behind Chris Rocks’ rejuvenated youthful appearance. The cosmetic procedure seems to have worked wonders for the actor.

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Most celebrities are known to go mum about their plastic surgery details so as not to deny that which is clear before the eyes or rather they don’t admit for the fear of being criticized. Chris Rock is no different since he has remained dump over the issue too. His silence has left us at the cross-roads of determining whether or not he went under the surgeon’s knife. What do you think? Has he or hasn’t he had plastic surgery? Share your views

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