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Has Christina Aguilera Had Plastic Surgery?

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There is no doubt that Christina Aguilera is one of the hottest female celebrities the pop industry has ever had. In fact, one would be wrong to say that her beauty matches her outstanding singing which is graced by her sultry soulful voice. However, after a long period of being in the limelight, Aguilera’s beauty has in recent days started raising the eyebrows of most of her followers. After being in the public eye since she was 13, the “Genie in a Bottle” hit-maker is the last person who can lie to her fans about her beauty since they seem to have known well enough to notice the slightest changes in her appearances. Of late Aguilera’s fans seem to have drawn a very clear line between natural beauty and artificial beauty.

It is from such that most of her fans, critics and experts seem to doubt her beauty. According to them, her level of beauty seems to have gone past the natural mark. It is for this reason that the pop singer has of late had a fair share of plastic surgery rumors clinging to her neck. Though the “What a Girl Wants” singer has never confessed to going under the surgeon’s scalpel, it is believed that she has the helping hand of some cosmetic procedures.

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What Plastic Surgeries did Aguilera Undergo?

Looking at Christina Aguilera now and then taking several quick leaps back to the beginning of her career, one would easily tell the difference. A look at the actress’s nose, face, lips, and busty seem to tell more than just a story. In a nutshell, the body’s features seem to replicate rhinoplasty, Botox, fillers, and bob job. Has she or has she had cosmetic procedures? Let’s find out.

Did Christina Aguilera Get a Boob job?

Christina Aguilera’s cleavage seems to be the center of the plastic surgery conversation. While plastic surgery on other parts of her body remains highly debated, as for the breasts both her fans and critics seem to be reading from the same script. Aguilera’s chest seems to have changed greatly especially since the time released the hit song, “Genie in a Bottle”. Back then, the pop singer had a flat chest that would arguably fit the A cup bra size.

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Amazingly, a few years later the pop singer’s cleavage seems to have grown bigger than we were used to. This drastic change couldn’t be attributed to puberty since Aguilera was way beyond that. The voluminous chest can’t also be accredited to the after-effects of giving birth since it was evident long before the birth of her firstborn. Both you and I know that nature cannot guarantee such a change and the only explanation behind it is a boob job. The procedure seems to have worked wonders for the singer giving her a more feminine appearance.

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Has Aguilera had a Nose job?

Before plastic surgery chipped in their thoughts concerning Christina Aguilera’s alleged rhinoplasty, a heated debate between fans and critics dominated the atmosphere. From her earlier pics, Aguilera’s nose looks slightly broader, with a less defined nasal bridge and wider nostrils. This earlier observation appears to have been contradicted by her recent images in which the bottom of her nose looks thinner and more pointed. This time around the nasal bridge is more defined and the nostrils appear to be narrower. Nature can never perform such a miracle but artificially, it is very much possible. Nose jobs seem to have some vital contribution towards such noticeable changes. Plastic surgery experts seem to back up these allegations saying that, Aguilera mostly likely had a subtle rhinoplasty since it is hard to notice the changes on her nose.

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Does She Get Fillers?

Back in the days when she started gracing our screens, Christina Aguilera had distinctively thin lips. At the time she joined the acting/music industry the lips were thin to the point that some fans would relate them to thin strips. However, all of sudden the old seem to be gone away paving way for the new. Aguilera’s lips now appear to be plump. They look fuller and juicier than they were initially. This being an impossible happening naturally has sparked up speculations that accredit lip fillers as the catalyst behind Aguilera’s plumper lips. Though the pop singer has never admitted to getting filler injections, her followers firmly stand their ground that her lips are not 100% natural.

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Did Aguilera Go for Botox?

Though Christina Aguilera is too young to have a face dominated by wrinkles, her forehead is too smooth to be natural. What surfaces Botox allegations on her is the fact that even when she raises her eyebrows the expression lines don’t appear on her face. Additionally, some areas around her forehead and eyes look unnatural just from observation. These have observations are the characteristics of the big “B” since nature can in no way give such a flawless facial look.

Did Aguilera Have a Liposuction?

Liposuction speculations on Christina Aguilera don’t have as long roots as the other plastic surgery claims leveled against her. However, the speculation is anchored on her quick recovery into her original slim figure soon after giving birth to her firstborn. The rate at which the singer lost weight in her normal body size is questionable. It appears like Aguilera got the help of liposuction in regaining back her body after giving birth. The singer again has never said a thing about the same but her followers seem to have got every reason to believe she has the cosmetic procedure. 


Much has been said with regards to Christina Aguilera’s plastic surgery but even with the speculations, the singer doesn’t seem to be moved at all. She has never come out spitting out the truth of the matter and this has left most of her followers in the thick darkness of determining whether the plastic surgery speculations pinned on her are true or false. Now that she has never addressed the issue and doesn’t seem like she is going to talk about it and soon, what is your take on the same? Share your thoughts.

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