Cindy McCain before and after plastic surgery

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About Cindy McCain

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Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain simply referred to as Cindy McCain is an American-born humanitarian, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Cindy has been the wife to the late Vietnam Veteran, United States Senator, and the 2008 presidential nominee for the Republicans, John McCain. She is the mother of Meghan McCain, a television host, and commentator.

Cindy McCain’s Early Life

Cindy McCain who was born on the 20th of May 1954 is the only daughter of Marguerite Johnson and Jim Hensley, a wealthy beer distributor in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Cindy attended the University of Southern California where she graduated with a bachelors degree in special education before later enrolling for a Masters degree at the same university. After receiving her Master’s degree, McCain became a special education teacher at a high school in Avondale, Arizona.

Cindy McCain’s Family Life

While enjoying her vacation in Hawaii in 1979, Cindy met John McCain, a former Vietnam War veteran who would later become her hubby. Their meeting sparked up a relationship that forced John McCain to divorce Carol Shepp, his first wife in the early ‘89’s in a bid to marry Cindy in the same year. Even though Cindy suffered several miscarriages in her early years of marriage, she together with John was later on blessed with three children plus an adopted one making them happy parents.

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Cindy and her husband

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Cindy McCain’s Career

Being the businesswoman, humanitarian, and philanthropist she is, Cindy’s career is a diverse thing. The first job Cindy landed after school was teaching where she taught special needs students at a high school in Avondale. In 1988, Cindy took a philanthropic step where she launched a nonprofit organization entitled the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) whose main role was to provide medical care to the war-ravaged countries across the world.

Following the demise of her father, Cindy inherited the majority control in 2000 where she served as the chair of Hensley & Co. which was by the time the most profitable as well as the largest bear distribution company in the U.S. Cindy also played the political role of campaigning for her husband to take the Republican presidential nominee in 2000 but unfortunately was defeated by George W. Bush in the primaries.
The 1990s and 2000’s decades were marked with great humanitarian work which saw Cindy McCain closely associate with different humanitarian groups. Some of these groups included CARE, Operation Smile, and HALO.

Cindy McCain’s Net Worth

Cindy McCain’s net worth is estimated to be over $ 200 million as of 2020 with most of her wealth coming from her shares at Hensley & Co.

Did Cindy McCain Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Cindy McCain is one such person who has been in the spotlight for some time now. Being in the eyes of the Republicans, she has drawn a lot of speculations concerning her looks at the age of 66. Her looks don’t match her age at all. This has triggered rumors of possible plastic surgery with Cindy.

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Before and after alleged plastic surgery

It is speculated that Cindy McCain has had a series of surgical procedures to achieve her smooth, youthful, wrinkleless face. A keen comparison of her past and present photos show that Cindy has lost the sagging skins around her face and neck, a clear indication that she has had a facelift. In addition, at her age, Cindy lacks fine lines and wrinkles. Her smooth skin seems to be defying gravity and giving Botox injections a sure bet. Her arched looking upper lids give room for anyone to speculate that she has had blepharoplasty. Generally, Cindy’s looks give clear indications of the possible use of several laser treatments and dermal injectables as well.

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Before and after


Did she or didn’t she undergo plastic surgery? It is still the big question behind everyone’s mind. What do think? Are her looks 100% natural? Kindly leave a comment.

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