Demi Lovato plastic surgery

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Has Demi Lovato had Plastic Surgery?

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Growing up from big a little pretty girl into the mature beautiful lady she is now, Demi Lovato has been on the cameras and the public eye for long enough now. The public and more so her fans have well known her to the extent of telling what physical appearance has happened were natural or artificial. It is for this reason that of late it has been rumored that Demi Lovato might have some plastic surgery to boost her appearance just like many Hollywood are known to do to remain competitive and beautifully impressive to their fans.

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According to the fans, Demi Lovato has neither had Botox nor facelift since she is still too young for that but nose job, breast augmentation, fillers, and chin implants are a sure bet. They are the “catalysts” behind Lovato’s noticeable changes over the years. On her side, Lovato seems to be speaking a different story from the tale behind her pictures. She has stood the ground that she never had plastic surgery at all, a stand that her fans have denied strongly.

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Nose Job

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This statement seems to anchor Demi Lovato’s fans’ speculations that the singer has had a rhinoplasty. From her past image, her nose seems to be big with a more round globe shape contrary to the thin-based nose she has now. Lovato’s nose seems to have a visible bridge and perfectly symmetrical shape now as opposed to what it looks like several years ago. In her music video, “Neon Lights”, a side view shot reveals how different Lovato’s nose looks right now. There is no denying that the singer has had some work done on her nose, a nose job to be specific.

Boob Job

Once it comes to a boob job, Demi Lovato’s fans seem to be divided. While some hold to the fact that her seemingly bigger cleavage is simply due to natural weight gaining, the majority of her fans speculate that the “Skyscraper” singer must have had some subtle work done on her breasts. In her earlier images, Demi Lovato is seen to struggle in making her cleavage prominent through the use of push-up bras. This is in contrast with the recent Demi Lovato whose bra-size seems to have enlarged drastically in her bikini photos.

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According to keen observers, the size of her chest “cups” has grown bigger courtesy of boob implants. Lovato on her side rubbishes these claims saying her cleavage is 100% natural.

Chin Implants

From sources close to the artist, it has of late been rumored that Lovato has been planning to get chin implants in a bid to make her face less round and more ‘American’. These rumors are still in the bank since so far there are no signs of chin implants concerning the actress. Again Demi Lovato hasn’t come out claiming or denying the allegations.


It is no denying that Demi Lovato is not likely to admit the allegations pinning her to plastic surgery any soon. The eyes can however not lie. From where you sit, what can you see? Has she or hasn’t she gone under the knife? Share your thoughts.

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