Did Johnny Depp have a plastic surgery

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Did Johnny Depp have a plastic surgery

Has Johnny Depp had Plastic Surgery?

did johnny depp have a plastic surgery

johnny depp

Once the name Johnny Depp is mentioned, the title Captain Jack Sparrow and the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” click into everyone’s mind. Depp is considered one of the world’s finest actors. Other than his outstanding acting, Johnny Depp is a very hunky man who was in 2003 and 2010, named the Sexiest Man Alive by the People’s Magazine. Currently, the actor is 57years old and his looks resemble those of a 37-year-old. This observation has sparked a lot of debate amongst his followers with a majority of them doubting the naturalness of his appearance.

This has in turn seen the “Finding Neverland” actor being turned into an object of plastic surgery discussion. The majority of his followers have linked his looks to plastic surgery saying that he seems to be turning back the hands of time since he doesn’t seem to be aging like in ordinary 57 years old. And as many keep waiting for the superstar to look to either claim or deny the accusations, Depp has, like many other celebrities remained silent on the subject thereby leaving his followers in the thick darkness of proving whether or not he has had plastic surgery.

So What Plastic Surgeries is Johnny Depp alleged to have done?

Though Depp has remained mum on the whole story attaching him to plastic surgery, his silence has not in any way barred his followers from using their eyes and coming up with reasonable conclusions. Just by a look at Depp’s face and nose, it is not a hard thing to spot the difference. His looks don’t match his age and his nose appears to have changed a bit. These observation has been attributed to Botox, Facelift, and rhinoplasty at least. Did Depp get the procedures? Let’s find out.

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Has Johnny Depp had Botox?

Normally, as one age, it proves inevitable for old age signs such as wrinkles, creases, and expression marks to start showing up. Initially, Depp seemed to be aging naturally and wrinkles had slowly but surely started to impend his forehead as evidenced by his earlier images. However, it got to a certain point where his aging curve started behaving abnormally. Yes, the point when wrinkles started reducing with the advancement in age, making him appear to be young than his real age. The change raised many followers’ eyebrows with a majority of them questioning the naturalness behind it. As the same proved to go beyond nature’s explanation, Depp’s followers, had no choice but to accredit the big “B”, Botox for working out the wonders. 

did johnny depp have a plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery experts have weighed into the Botox speculations pinned against “The Pirates of Caribbean” star and asserted that his Botox might have been laced with fillers. Additionally, these group plastic surgeons have conclusively said that if at all Johnny Depp had Botox, then it must have been done by a very skillful surgeon since it doesn’t seem to have overstretched his forehead skin but has rather given him a refreshed,m admirable youthful looks. 

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Did Depp Get Facelift?

It is worth noting that the “In the Dark Shadows” actor was initially plum before losing some noticeable weight somewhere on his way to old age. As expected, with the loosing of weight, his skin would have become loose. However, this was not the case with Johnny Depp. Instead, his facial skin has remained tight and smooth despite the loss of weight. This has made the actor take a center-stage of facelift conversations. Adding some more weight into the allegations, it is normal for a man the age of Johnny Depp to have droopy skin around his face but contrary to the expectation, Depp’s facial skin remains very intact giving him a youthful appearance. Actually, many have gone on record saying that the actor appears to be 20 years younger than his real age.

Nature owes no explanation to such an observation but as you and I know, a facelift can work such wonders. The cosmetic procedure appears to have been done so professionally that anyone who has no idea of how facelift works can confuse Depp’s appearance with the so-called, “aging gracefully”.

Has Johnny Depp had a Nose job?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and if have Johnny Depp’s past and present pics, you need not be told the difference. As evidenced in the actor’s past image, his nose used to be big, with a less prominent nose bridge and a rounded nose tip. This observation seems to have changed a bit in his recent appearances. His nose now appears to be a little t smaller and has a sharper nasal bridge with a more pointed nose tip. Naturally, the shape and appearance of one’s nose can never change but with rhinoplasty, it is very much possible. For that reason, Johnny Depp has been speculated to have used some subtle nose job to alter his nose appearance.

did johnny depp have a plastic surgery

Final Word

Waiting for Johnny Depp to confess going under the surgeon’s knife proves to be becoming impossible every other day since the actor has never admitted to the plastic surgery claims pinned on him and does not show any signs of doing it any soon. That tells you that the best way to go is to keep speculating. That being the case, from your point of view, do you think Johnny Depp has had plastic surgery? Kindly share your thoughts.


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