Do you think Dana Perino has had plastic surgery?

by Reema
Do you think Dana Perino has had plastic surgery?

Has Dana Perino had Plastic Surgery?

do you think dana perino has had plastic surgery?

dana perino

We live in an era whereby the plastic era has become so trendy not only to celebrities but also top public figures. The biggest challenge with plastic surgery however is, many of those who undergo it find it hard to admit that they have had some work done on them. Unfortunately, Dana Perino lays under this category. Ever since becoming a top public figure following her appointment into being the White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino has been one person in the spotlight and public scrutiny.

Her youthful appearance has in recent days stirred up a heated conversation amongst her followers with many of them saying that her looks not natural. Many believe that Perino must have had a helping hand of a professional and highly skilled plastic surgeon since her looks don’t match her age at all. Did she or didn’t she have plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

What Plastic Surgery is she said to have had?

The former White House Press Secretary has had her fair share of the plastic surgery tale. However, despite the speculations pinned on her, Perino has remained mum about the whole issue, thereby leaving her followers in the darkness of having to carry out their research to determine what plastic surgery was done where. From observation and comparison of her past versus present pics and television appearance, it has been concluded that the commentator has had Facelift, Botox, Blepharoplasty, and nose job at least. Now let’s dive deeper into each of the alleged cosmetic procedures.

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Did Dana Perino Get Facelift?

Dana Perino is a 48-year-old woman but amazingly, she looks like a lady in her early thirties? What miracle can do such wonders on one’s appearances? We all that normally, at the age of 40s is the age bracket in which many people begin to show some inevitable old age flaws such as droopy skins around the face. However turns to be not the case with Dana Perino as her skin looks tight, smooth, and attractive. This observation is what brings the speculation of the use of facelift by the public figure. Going a step further to prove the allegations, followers tried to compare her before versus after image, and the differences were as distinguishable as day and night.

do you think dana perino has had plastic surgery?

Initially, as evident in her earlier pic, Perino’s face had creases and her facial skin had begun to grow saggy. In the recent pic, however, the author’s face looks so youthful, tight, and triggering the question, where did the creases and the saggy skin go? All of us being aware of how impossible such a change is natural, all our credits go facelift as the only solution capable of working such wonders. 

Has she had Botox?

According to plastic surgery statistics in the USA, facelift surgery and Botox injection are the most common surgical procedures taken by 40 years old women. Dana Perino being a woman falling under this age bracket makes it no news to hear speculations linking her to the big “B”, Botox. The root cause of Botox accusations on the former White House Press Secretary is the fact that in her initial appearances her forehead had started to show some wrinkles, fine lines, and other expression marks, which seem to have faded away in her recent appearances. You and I know that wrinkles and fine lines are naturally irremovable and thus it’s a nod that Dana Perino might have had Botox to remove her wrinkles.

do you think dana perino has had plastic surgery?

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Plastic surgery experts who have weighed into the matter have applauded Perino’s surgeon’s saying that they did a commendable job that gave a flawless youthful appearance. Additionally, experts have stated that it is most likely that Perino’s Botox was combined with some fillers since her face nowadays appears to be unnaturally puffier than it was before the alleged cosmetic procedure.

Did Dana Perino have Blepharoplasty?

They say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and that’s why we going to compare Perino’s past versus present pics in a bid to find out whether or not she has had eye surgery. Okay, let’s do it. Take an earlier pic of Perino and keenly focus your sight on the eye area. Have you done that? Repeat the same procedure with her recent appearance? What differences can u spot? If you have an eye for detail, you would right away notice that in her past appearances, her eyes appeared to be weary and had sagging skins around them. On the contrary, however, her recent appearances portray her eyes looking fresh and awake. The saggy skins seem to have faded away as well and her eyebrows appear to raise a bit. All these are indicators of blepharoplasty since nature cannot guarantee that. 

Did Perino Get a Nose job?

A section of her followers believes that George W. Bush’s assistant has had a rhinoplasty. The speculations are anchored on the only observation that her nose as portrayed in her past images was bulbous and had wider nostrils. In her recent appearances, however, the same nose appears to have slimmed up and the nostrils became narrower. This change goes beyond nature’s explanation and hence the reason it has stirred up nose job speculations.

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Final Word.

It is undeniable that Dana Perino is an icon of admiration for both her successful career as well as her youthful appearances. However, behind the visible beauty, there seems to be a lot untold story that raises many questions about the naturalness of Dana Perino’s beauty. Even though Perino has distanced herself from the plastic surgery speculations by going mum, people have continuously kept on speculating on the matter. You too can do so and weigh into the matter. Now, after a keen observation, do you think Dana Perino went under the knife? Kindly share your thoughts.


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