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About Dolly Parton

about dolly parton
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Dolly Rebecca Parton, commonly referred to as Dolly Parton is a renowned singer and songwriter, basically known for her good work in country music. Besides her contribution towards the interface between country music and pop music, Dolly Parton is also a businesswoman, author, multi-instrumentalist, and actress. Locust Ridge in Tennessee, U.S.A is the homeland to Dolly Parton, who is the daughter of the late Avie Lee Caroline and the late Robert Lee Parton Sr.

Dolly Parton’s Early Life

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Dolly Parton was born on the 19th of January 1946 in Tennessee, U.S.A, and is the daughter of the late Robert Lee Parton Sr. and the late Avie Lee Caroline. Dolly Parton is the fourth born in a family of 12 siblings, two of which passed on. She was born in a peasant farming family where her father tended his tobacco farm alongside doing construction jobs to cater for his family. Dolly’s mother on the other hand was simply a housewife.

Dolly Parton’s passion and aptitude for music were noticeable at a young age where she featured on local television/radio shows as a guitarist and a singer.

Dolly Parton’s Career

Immediately after graduating from High school in 1964, Dolly Parton moved to Nashville to pursue her music career. In Nashville, Dolly became the face of country music, and this guaranteed her more appearances at Porter Wagoner’s television show. Following her recognition on the Wagoner’s television, Dolly Parton attracted the attention of RCA Music Records where she recorded more than twelve hit songs.

dolly parton plastic surgery before and after celebrity plastic surgery
Dolly performing

With her close association with Wagoner, Parton emerged as a renowned country music singer. Parton’s songs; “Love Is Like a Butterfly” and “Jolene” moved the Country Music Association (CMA) to nominate her as the Female Singer of the Year. Besides her music career, Dolly Parton worked as an actress who featured in the movies; ‘Nine to Five’ (1980) and ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ (1982) among others. Dolly Parton’s career is so long to exhaust, something that has seen her receive countless awards such as the Grammy Award.


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In 1966 Dolly Parton married Thomas dean in Georgia. In the past, she has stated that even though she does not use her husband’s name her passport contains the name dean. Dean has rarely been seen in public, and Dolly has stated that he has only seen her once while performing. In 2016 she said that she was proud of her marriage and that they had planned to renew their vows to mark 50 years of marriage.

Dolly Parton’s Plastic Surgery

One of the questions that raise everyone’s eyebrows is whether or not Dolly Parton went through plastic surgery? To everyone’s shock, Dolly Parton is one person who has not been shy revealing that she has enhanced her beauty through plastic surgery. In an interview, Dolly Parton revealed that she has to always keep close a full face of makeup just in case of an emergency.

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06/07/2007 – Dolly Parton – 38th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony – Arrivals – Marriott Marquis – New York City, NY – Keywords: Dolly Parton 38th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony – Arrivals New York City Marriott Marquis – – – Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / Photorazzi – Contact (1-866-551-7827)

“It is true that I look artificial, but I believe that I’m totally real. My look is based on a country girl’s idea of glam. I wasn’t naturally pretty, so I make the most of anything I’ve got. You should have seen me this morning before I got ready to see you. I’m serious, though. I’m not a natural beauty, but I can enhance it. Whatever it takes, I do. I try to make the most of everything.” Dolly Parton revealed.


Following the confession by the 73-year-old Dolly Parton that her beauty is dependent on plastic surgery, what are your thoughts? How does she look after going through the knife? Can you recommend plastic surgery for people as old as Dolly Parton? Kindly leave your comment.

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