Donatella versace plastic surgery Before and after

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donatella versace plastic surgery

Who Is Donatella Versace?

Donatella versace plastic surgery was raised with two fashion icons: her mother was an experienced dressmaker, and her older brother Gianni was a budding designer. In the late 1970s, she became a muse and advisor for her brother. In the 1980s, Donatella Versace was the designer of the Versus line. She was made artistic director of Versace Group in 1997 after her brother’s murder.

Donatella versace plastic surgery

donatella versace plastic surgery

Donatella Versace is a fashion designer and vice president of one the most well-known Italian fashion houses. Even those who don’t care about fashion will know that she is also a big fan of plastic surgery.

Versace (now 63) is not sure if she did it to improve the natural beauty of her face or to stop nature from doing its thing. If you take a look at her older photos, it is obvious that her face has seen many changes.

Experts in the field, including cosmetologists, agree that Versace has had extensive work done to her face. It appears that her nose is the only thing that has not changed. asked plastic surgery experts what procedures Versace might have had to go through. A well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek said:

She has had it all. Botox, fillers and lasers for the skin. Laser therapy has a very short recovery time, but there may be some reddening of the skin for several weeks.

He suggested that she might have had a “facelift, eyes, and brow lift” as well.Check website for more details

Donorlla versace Early Life

Donatella Versace was born May 2, 1955 in Reggio Calabria (Italy). She is the younger sister to the late designer Gianni. Gianni and Donatella learned how to design from their mother, who owned a dressmaking company. She later told The New Yorker that she was “the baby of the family.” I was so spoilt. “I was the most well-dressed little girl in all of the city.

Versace started developing her signature look as a teenager, bleaching her hair platinum blonde and applying dark eyeliner. Gianni, her older brother, was always there for her, taking her out to dinner and making outfits for her. Donatella was a student at Florence’s University for a while, but eventually she reunited with Gianni in order to help him run his clothing business.

Donatella Versace’s Net Worth

Donatella Verace Net Worth: Donatella is an Italian fashion designer with a net worth exceeding $400 million. Donatella Versace is the younger sister to Gianni Versace. She inherited control over Versace’s company in 1997 when he was tragically killed. She was Versace’s chief creative officer, CEO and artistic director. In 2018, she helped sell the company to Michael Kors, for $2.12 Billion.

Donella Versace Career:

Versace had originally intended to work in Gianni’s public relations department. But he saw her as a critic, a muse and made Donatella Vice President when Versace was founded in 1978. Donatella was responsible for coordinating Versace’s fashion shows, advertising campaigns, and Gianni awarded her Versus in the 1980s. He also launched Blonde perfume in her honour. Donatella was more involved in the business after Gianni’s death in 1997. Donatella was appointed head of design for Versace. Numerous celebrities were featured in Donatella’s Versace advertisements, including Madonna and Courtney Love, Nicki Minaj, and Demi Moore. The special exhibit “Versace at V&A” featured Gianni and Donatella’s most popular designs from October 2002 to January 2003.


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