Dove Cameron before and after plastic surgery

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About Dove Cameron

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Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is an American-born singer-cum actress who is popularly known for featuring in the Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie comedy series. She played Mal in the film series, Descendants. As a singer, Cameron released her debut Bloodshot / Waste in 2019 four years after releasing “If Only”.

Dove Cameron’s Early Life

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A young Cameron

Dove Cameron was born under the name Chloe Celeste Hosterman on the the15th of January in Seattle, Washington. She together with her elder sister Claire Hosterman are the daughters of Bonnie Wallace and Philip Alan Hosterman. Cameron attended Sakai Intermediate School before joining Burbank High School. Cameron started acting at the age of eight at a community theatre in Bainbridge. Cameron changed her name to “Dove” in honor of his father who passed on in 2011. According to her, the name was a nickname given to her by his father.

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Dove Cameron’s Relationship Life

Cameron has opened up saying she is by sexual although between the years 2013 and 2014 she dated Ryan McCartan, her co-star at Liv and Maddie. Their relationship however proved futile in October 2014, just six months after she had announced her engagement with him. Following their breakup, Cameron started dating Thomas Doherty, a Scottish actor. Their relationship has been in place since 2016.

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Dove with her boyfriend

Dove Cameron’s Career

As mentioned out earlier, Dove Cameron’s career kicked off at a tender age since at the age of eight she was already in the acting scenes. It was until 2007 however that Cameron’s career got breakthrough after she featured in Les Misérables’s Bainbridge Performing Arts (BPA) stage production. This won her a lead role in the BPA’s The Secret Garden (2008).

Cameron starred as Liv and Maddie’s Liv and Maddie Rooney in 2012. After featuring in the Shake It Up! Cameron released Imagine Dragons’ cover song, “On Top of the World” a song that peaked inKid Digital Songs’ Billboard. She then released “Better In Stereo” in 2013 2hich again made it to the same Billboard accruing her lots of fame. Cameron is also remembered for featuring in Hairspray Live! As well as in Descendants 2 among other films.

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Dove Cameron’s Net worth

Dove Cameron can be said to have achieved a lot at her age since as per the 2020 findings, her net worth is approximated to be $ 3 million.

Did Dove Cameron Undergo Plastic Surgery?

It has been reported that in recent days, most teenagers and generally young people have due to influence from their favorite celebrities been seeking plastic surgery. It is not surprising that Dove Cameron with her young is speculated to have fallen for this trap. A close comparison of a 12-year old Dove Cameron’s and her 17 years old version, shows that the actress-cum singer has undergone drastic changes cutting across her lips, nose, and face.

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Dove before and after alleged plastic surgery

The completely flat nose tip in the picture of the then 17 years old Cameron together with the unnatural appearance of the space between her eyes has drawn the speculations of rhinoplasty on her. Her extremely smooth poreless face attracts every speculation of a possible Botox and facelift. In her 12 years of age photo, Cameron’s lips a slightly thinner compared to their size in her 17 years old photo where they seem bigger. This again concluding that Cameron must have had lip fillers.

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Then and Now


As the saying goes, ‘the ears may lie but the eyes don’t…’ From where you sit do you think the saying rhymes with the plastic surgery speculations made on Dove Cameron? Kindly share your thoughts.

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