Ellen Pompeo plastic surgery

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Has Ellen Pompeo had Plastic Surgery?

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Ellen Pompeo stated in the past that she is not a fan of plastic surgery, most of her die-hard fans can’t stop doubting her sentiments linking them to the proverbial saying of ‘preaching water and drinking wine’. Their doubts have sparked up speculations and eventually rumors that the renowned actress might have gone under the surgeon’s knife with the sole purpose of boosting her beauty.

While other cosmetic procedures remain debatable, Botox, laser treatments, and chemical peels at least have been given a sure bet as far as Pompeo’s plastic surgery prediction is concerned. The cosmetic procedures have been accredited for Pompeo’s youthful looks. Facelift, filler injections. Rhinoplasty and boob job have also been given an ‘extreme longshot concerning Pompeo’s cosmetic procedures.

Botox injections

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Since her first appearance, Ellen Pompeo seems to maintain her flawless, and wrinkleless face. Her forehead skin looks tight, smooth, and lacks the aging fine lines making her look a twenty-year-old. This is nearly impossible if not impossible at all for a lady in the 50years bracket. It is due to her youthful looks that many have concluded that Botox took her wrinkles place.

Laser Treatments

It is believed that Ellen Pompeo has must have had laser treatments to not only look young but to hide Botox evidence on her face. Plastic surgery experts have backed up these speculations saying that it is most likely that the actress uses scar laser remover to keep her face smooth and natural even after undergoing Botox or any other cosmetic procedures.

Filler Injections

When you keenly go through the face images of Grey’s Anatomy actress, Ellen Pompeo, it will not be hard to establish that her face looks puffier in her recent images than in her earlier images. This combined with the fact that her cheeks don’t seem to have sagged for even an inch since making her first appearance on the screens, attracts every speculation that Pompeo has had filler injections in recent days. A keen comparison of her lips images however has shown that the actress’s lips haven’t changed at all and hence not linked to any cosmetic procedure.

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Did she or didn’t she have a nose job? This is the question that has sparked up a heated debate amongst Pompeo’s fans. The majority have taken it to social media claiming that Pompeo’s nose has had a noticeable change. According to this group of fans, Pompeo’s nose seems to have decreased in size in her recent screen appearances contrary her its initial big size, hence the suspecting a possible nose job. The other group of fans has stood the ground that Pompeo’s nose has had no change at all and hence no rhinoplasty was done on her.


It looks like Ellen Pompeo has had a facelift in the recent past. This owes to the fact that she doesn’t seem to have excessive sagging skins on her face and neck as well. The cosmetic procedures seem to have fit her perfectly giving a fresh rejuvenated youthful appearance.

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Breast Augmentation

Despite all the debates revolving around Pompeo’s plastic surgery speculations, there is a neutral point where her fans seem to be reading from the same script. People seem to unanimously concur that Ellen has not had breast augmentation. This is based on her unchanging cleavage size ever since she stepped into the acting industry.


It is indeed clear that Ellen Pompeo’s die-hard fans have remained divided concerning the whole plastic surgery speculations revolving around her. What is your take? Do you think she has plastic surgery? If yes, what specific cosmetic procedures do you think she has had? Share your thoughts.

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