Gloria Borger before and after Plastic Surgery

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About Gloria Borger

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Gloria Borger

Gloria Borger is an American-born journalist, columnist, and political pundit currently working as CNN’S chief political analyst. Before joining CNN in 2007 Gloria Borger was CBS News’ political correspondent for 60 Minutes II, and Face the Nation. She is remembered for her pivotal contributions as a contributing editor-cum columnist for U.S. News & World Report magazine and. Her role as a co-anchor at CNBC’s Capital Report was so vital.

Gloria Borger’s Early Life

Gloria Borger was born on the 22nd of September 1952 in New Rochelle, New York. Borger attended New Rochelle High School from where she graduated in 1970. She later joined Colgate University where she graduated in 1974. She was born in a Jewish family where his father owned an electrical distributions company named ‘The Borger’s’

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Gloria Borger’s Family Life

When you peruse through the pages of Borger’s relationship and family life you definitely must come across the name Lance Morgan. Journalist Gloria Borger tied the knots of life with Lance Morgan back in 1974 thereby making them officially husband and wife. Morgan is also a journalist who works in the PR department. The couple was blessed with two sons. It is rumored that at the moment Borger is single following a divorce that saw Moran remarry in 2015.

celeb plasticsurgery lance morgan 20201203 celebrity plastic surgery
Gloria with Lance Morgan

Gloria Borger’s Career

Since 2007 Borger has been the political face of CNN serving as the chief political reporter. At CNN Borger does multi-screen appearances on the programs, The Situation Room, USA, and John King. Her career as a journalist didn’t begin at CNN since she previously worked for CBS News as a correspondent for the programs ‘Face the Nation’ and 60 Minutes II.

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Gloria at work

Borger also wrote for ‘Newsweek’ besides working for CNBC’s Capital Report. Thanks to the World Report magazine and U.S News for through the platforms Borger made established her name in the American media.
Her good work has been fetching her lots of Awards such as the National Headliners Award (2013), Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage (2012), and Peabody Award-winning coverage for CNN (2008) among other awards.

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Gloria Borer’s Net Worth

As of 2020, Gloria Borger’s net worth is estimated to be $ 2.5 million.

Did Gloria Borger Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Due to the competitive market and the pressure to maintain beautiful young appearances, in recent days plastic surgery has become the new norm for many celebrities. Though some celebrities have been confessing that they have had cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries, Gloria Borger remains in the category that has neither claimed nor denied the speculations on her about plastic surgery.

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Gloria then and now

From observations, the majority of people have speculated that the renowned journalist has had some cosmetic procedures done on her. The 67-year old political pundit has recently developed a smooth, youthful wrinkleless face which is naturally impossible at her age.

Facelift and Botox have been accredited as the main catalysts behind Gloria Borger’s new youthful looks. A facelift is a sure bet owing to the evidence that at her age she lacks sagging skins around her face. The absence of the old age fine lines on her face at her age can only be accredited to Botox.

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After alleged plastic surgery


Do you think Gloria Borger’s beauty is 100% natural? Do you suspect any cosmetic procedures were done to enhance her beauty? Kindly leave a comment.

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