Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery: Before and After

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Gordon Ramsey Plastic Surgery

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery! Gordon Ramsay a British chef, and media figure known for his fierce looks and use of slang language on his TV show Hell’s Kitchen and across different interviews, has been under the scrutiny of the fans after the wrinkles and scars suddenly disappeared from his face.

He rose to the heights of fame in the United States media industry, and people started talking about his looks just like it has been a tradition in Hollywood. But, let’s assure you he is not the guy you can force into doing something, so all this scrutiny he was under didn’t much impact him.

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But certain things do impact you at some point, and the same happened with Gordan Ramsay when his close ones also started to tell him the things the media was saying. He accepted in the end that he underwent the medical procedure, laser wrinkle removal to be specific, to remove wrinkles and scars from his face after his kids tried to put coins in the scars on his chin. He talked about his plastic surgery procedures after being influenced by the media.

Another person who impacted Gordon Ramsay plastic surgery was Simon Cowell, a media industry person who was close to him and asked him to do something about the scars and wrinkles on his face. So, his kids and Simon were the major driving factor behind his surgery. Keep reading to find out more about the specifics of the surgeries Gordon Ramsay underwent and what are the changes that occurred to Gordan Ramsay’s face.

Who Is Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most renowned chefs in the world. He is a multi-Michelin-starred chef owning several top-ranked restaurants, a writer, a TV personality, and has a Youtube channel with a massive following. He has been able to capture a lot of audience for his Youtube and Tv shows. He is massively popular among young individuals as he resonates well with them through his way of talking.

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Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Procedures

As already mentioned, he confessed to getting a wrinkle removal laser surgery, but fans still think there is more to it as laser surgeries are not enough to bring all changes to his face. However, he has denied all the other speculations and has been adamant that he will not go for any more surgeries, but fans are not ready to accept it.

Scars Removal From Chin

When we go back to the early years of Gordon Ramsay on Tv, he had three to four prominent scars on his chin. These were not horrible looking and were also indicative of his life story as he got these during a rugby match. Still, he decided to go for surgery to remove them because of the pressure put on him by the media and his closest ones and to look more appealing to the masses.

The results of Gordon Ramsay plastic surgery involving laser treatment came out pretty well; as you can see these days, there are no apparent scars on the chin, and it looks much better.

Removal Of Forehead Wrinkles

Gordon Ramsay has consistently denied any treatment or surgery to remove forehead wrinkles on his face. But it is prominent that these have reduced over time, and fans are sure that Gordon has done something to achieve these results. Because of his attitude of showing aggression, these wrinkles are surely more apparent but believe us when we say that these are way less than the wrinkles present in his early days. This treatment has made him look much younger.

Botox And Fillers

This treatment involves stopping muscle contraction for some time to prevent facial wrinkles. It will be no surprise if Gordon has undergone this surgery as his main problem has always been wrinkles on his face.

gordon ramsey plastic surgery - before and after

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before And After

Despite all the speculations and pressure on him, Gordon has never been much open about these things though he may share a thing or two. But medical experts and other fans who know a little about these things are sure about his changes.

But everyone can look at these before and after photos and decide whether there has been any surgery other than wrinkle removal laser surgery he has admitted to.

Face and cheeks naturalFace and cheeks are slightly puffed due to possible fillers
Chin ScarsNo visible scar.
Many Prominent Wrinkles on foreheadMany wrinkles but way less than before.

Gordon Ramsay Bio

  • Gordon Ramsay was born November 8, 1966, in Johnstone, Scotland.
  • When he was young, his family moved from Scotland to England
  • At 15, he played in the Scottish Premier League for Glasgow Rangers, but his career was cut short because of a knee injury.
  • He got a diploma in restaurant management, and after working for various restaurants for years, he opened his restaurant in 1998.


It has become normal for all the people involved in the film or Tv industry in the United States to undergo minor or major surgeries because of the pressure put on by the media. Because of this and the demand of his kids, Gordon also underwent laser surgery, according to his statement. We think Gordon Ramsay plastic surgery went really whatever the factors initially caused him to go for it.


Did Gordon Ramsay have any surgery?

Gordon Ramsay had wrinkle removal laser surgery that removed scars from his chin and also reduced wrinkles from the rest of the face. He also got fillers to make his face look more filled.

What happened to the scars on Gordon Ramsay’s chin?

Gordon had chin scars because of the injuries incurred during a football(soccer) match he played while he was young. To get rid of these scars, he underwent surgery to remove them and look more appealing.

Did Gordon Ramsay have fillers?

Gardon Ramsay’s face looked filled and puffed, so he surely had some fillers or botox treatment, and he also admitted to having these.

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