Has Noah Cyrus Had Plastic Surgery?

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About Noah Cyrus

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Noah Cyrus

Her full name is Noah Lindsey Cyrus and she is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She became widely known after she released, “Make Me (Cry)”, her debut single of the year 2016. In 2017, Cyrus appeared in the Times as one of the 30 most influential teens. She is the vocal creator behind the “Chasing Colors” hit song. Noah Cyrus is said to have taken after elder sister Miley Cyrus who is also an actress and a singer.

Noah Cyrus’ Early Life

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A young cyrus

The American actress-cum singer was born in Nashville, Tennessee on the 8th of January 2000. She, together with her siblings Trace, Brandi, Braison, Miley Cyrus, and Christopher are the children of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and director-cum producer Tish Cyrus. Most of Noah Cyrus’ siblings are musicians and entertainers. Cyrus portrayed an aptitude and passion for acting at a tender age, hence she received big support for her career both from her parents and siblings as well.

Noah Cyrus’ Relationship/ Family Life

The 2000-born American actress is yet to be married but she has dated in the past. Cyrus and rapper Lil Xan dated for three months in 2018 with their relationship starting in June and ending in September the same year. It is alleged that Noah Cyrus’ relationship with Lil Xan ended due to prolonged mental health suffering that saw her experience anxiety with panic as well as depression. It’s out of this illness that Noah has recorded EP Good Cry and EP The End of Everything to narrate her struggles.

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Noah Cyrus with Lil Xan

Noah Cyrus’ Career

Cyrus began her acting career at the age of two where she featured on the Doc television show, playing as Gracie Hebert. In 2009 Noah appeared in the film; Hannah Montana: The Movie this time as a background dancer. Cyrus was also featured in Mostly Ghostly before she begun a web show named The Noie and Ems Show (2009-2010).

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On stage

2016 is the year when Noah Cyrus’ music career started climbing towards the peak after she signed a record deal with Barry Weiss. She later had a management deal called Adam Leber, with Maverick. “Make Me (Cry)”, Cyrus’ debut single featuring Labrinth came as a result of these agreements. Ever since her music career picked up, Noah Cyrus has done other hit songs including “Stay Together”, “Again”, and “I’m Stuck” among others.

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What is Noah Cyrus’ Net Worth?

Noah Cyrus is a young American actress and musician who can be said to have achieved a lot at her age. This owes to the fact as in 2020, Cyrus is worth $ 3 million.

Did Noah Cyrus have Plastic Surgery?

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Before alleged plastic surgery

Singer and actress Noah Cyrus is one celebrity whose change in her physical appearance was noticeable by almost everyone. Cyrus’ change has not been attributed to puberty but rather plastic surgery. Her increased facial volumes touching her cheeks, lips, and chin have sparked speculations from plastic surgeons that she might have had Botox, and facelift.

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After alleged face lift
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Before and after

Doctor Andrew Miller is one renowned Plastic surgeon who is on record saying, “It looks like she may have had fillers in her cheeks and lips and possibly a chin implants. Instead of fillers, and she may have had cheek implants.” Keenly observing Ms. Cyrus’ eyebrows, it is clear that some surgical procedures must have been performed on her since they appear to be located slightly higher than their original location. It is undeniable that Cyrus’ cheeks, lips, and chin have changed a bit compared to how she looked when she first stepped on the music and acting scenes.


Though Noah Cyrus has not yet claimed or denied the plastic surgery accusations on her, speculations are that she had one. From your own point of view, do you think the young successful artist went under the knife to boost her looks? Kindly leave a comment.

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