Emerging details about Jeffree Star’s plastic surgery

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Has Jeffree Star had Plastic Surgery?

emerging details about jeffree star's plastic surgery

jeffree star

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. popularly known as Jeffree Star is an American make-up artist, singer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. Star is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and as a musician, he is the “Lollipop Luxury“, hitmaker. He is the artist behind the studio album, Beauty KillerThe beautician-cum make-up artist mostly uses his YouTube channel to share tutorials on beauty matters. Besides, Star has come out as gay whose beauty obsession has seen him undergo a series of plastic surgeries in a bid to achieve a female-like appearance. His desired appearance. Unlike most celebrities, Jeffree Star has publicly revealed his cosmetic procedures that drastically changed his appearance in the public eye. To prove the confidence he has with his new looks Star has even gone to the extent of sharing video while he went under the knife, through his healing process as well as the fully healed resulting appearance. So, what cosmetic procedures did he undergo?

What Plastic Surgeries did He Undergo?

Following his obsession to look like a girl, most of Jeffree Star’s cosmetic procedures are reconstructive. Questions like, how did Jeffree Star achieve such a female-like appearance? How did his dental case become so perfect? How did the lumps under his lips disappear? What about his new hairline? Are just but some trending whispers that made Star’s fans scratch their heads before the make-up artist publicly came out revealing that he has had;

  1. Teeth replacement surgery
  2. Gender surgery
  3. Hairline lowering surgery
  4. Lip reconstructive surgery.

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Hairline Lowering Surgery

emerging details about jeffree star's plastic surgeryEver since Jeffree Star was in his 9th grade, Jeffree Star didn’t like his hairline and this alone pushed him towards getting a hairline lowering surgery in a bid to get a perfect new hairline. Star unveils that it was after extensive research that he settled on Dr. Ziering, a hair transplant surgeon who according to the beautician, he is the best. In an Instagram post, Jeffree Star shares the details of her hairline lowering surgery saying, “Hey guys! I wanted to share what has been going on! I hate keeping secrets from you but I’ve been filming my whole surgery and the healing process so I’ve been laying low! Basically, I’ve hated my hairline since I was in 9th grade. My parents have bad hair genes and it carries over! And I also shave my eyebrows off to draw them on, which makes it look worse when I have no makeup on! So after extensive research, I found THE best hair transplant surgeon: Dr. Ziering. He’s (@dr.craig_l_ziering) innovative and the best there is. He’s the one who created @caitlynjenner’s new amazing hairline! To be able to fix something that has bothered me for so long is a blessing because I never dreamed of it ever changing!”

Lip Reconstructive Surgery

Having voluminous big lips is something Jeffree Star would kill to have. Such a do-or-die desire was what prompted him to undergo lip reconstructive surgery in a bid to critically transform his looks. To achieve his current looks, Jeffree Star had to undergo two filler cosmetic procedures, the first time being a disappointment to her since the procedure was botched. According to him, all he wanted was a Juvederm but the doctor injected her with a combination of Juvederm and silicone instead, leaving lumps under his lips. The undesired results forced him to have a second procedure to remove the lamps.emerging details about jeffree star's plastic surgery

“I have a confession… Almost 10 years ago I got botched by a doctor in Beverly Hills when I went to get a procedure done. He lied to me about what he was doing and years later I’m still dealing with the consequences… I’m finally ready to share one of my biggest insecurities. Today my amazing friend and doctor, @drwillkirby1, performed surgery to fix my issues and to make me feel like ME again. I’m filming the entire process, from the cutting, stitches, and of course, healing all of this week. All will be revealed very soon. ❤️ Thank you to everyone for the amazing and sweet messages, today went great and I’m back home resting.” Star confessed.

Teeth Replacement Surgery

Before going through a teeth replacement surgery, Jeffree Star really had bad teeth. Admitting such a piercing truth is the hardest bit of it all. Not for Jeffree Star though. Jeffree doesn’t shy from admitting how terrible his dental case was especially after undergoing a successful teeth replacement surgery that seems to have worked wonders for him. In his docuseries, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”, the make-up artist unveils being born with bad teeth, a trait he inherited from his mother.

This problem is what according to him stirred up the decision to do a teeth replacement surgery. During the cosmetic procedure, Jeffree Star’s bad teeth were replaced with new ones made of Zirconia crystals. Before placing crowns on his teeth, each tooth was shaved down to little points. Every single tooth in his mouth was re-done. According to Star, the whole process was really painful but worth it.

When did Jeffree Star Do All These Plastic Surgeries?

Jeffree Star had his forehead surgery (hairline lowering surgery) in 2016 when he was aged 31. Previously the beautician had gone gotten his lip fillers in 2003 when he had just turned 18. As for his teeth replacement surgery, the make-up artist has not specified when exactly but am sure it’s just a matter of when to him since he has never shied off.

How Much Did Jeffree Star Pay for his Plastic Surgery?

Though Jeffree Star has not shared the details of her plastic surgeries, the costs he spent on each surgery can be estimated. The total cost can arrive through rough estimates whereby it is said that lip filler injections cost anywhere between $550 and $ 2000. As for the teeth replacement surgery, a rough estimate shows that removable implant-retained dentures cost between $ 8,000 and $ 17 500 whereas fixed implant-supported dentures costs between $ 15, 000 and $ 28 000. Hairline lowering surgery averagely costs $ 7000. With the rough estimates, one wouldn’t find it hard estimating how much Jeffree Star parted within a bid to change his appearances.

What Surgeons Performed Jeffree Star’s Plastic Surgeries?

Jeffree Star, in his plastic surgeries revelations, has only unveiled one surgeon’s name, his hairline surgeon to be specific. According to him, Dr. Ziering is the one who took her through her hairline lowering surgery and he is the best he knows. “…So after extensive research, I found THE best hair transplant surgeon: Dr. Ziering. He’s (@dr.craig_l_ziering) innovative and the best there is. He’s the one who created @caitlynjenner’s new amazing hairline!…” Star reveals. As for his other surgeries, Jeffree Star has remained mum on what surgeon did which surgery.


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