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Has Jennifer Lopez had Plastic Surgery?

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Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgery rumors are all over the internet. You’ve heard it, have heard it, we’ve heard it. It’s no secret anymore that people are questioning the actress’s incredible beauty. Is it 100% natural? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? These among other questions are what seem to give J.LO’s fans sleepless nights. Even though the musician has left many in thick darkness by not unveiling about her concerning plastic surgery, speculations have it that she has had a combination of a facelift, Botox, nose job, breast and butt implants.


Going by the saying that, a picture is worth a thousand words’ could be the only way out to address the issue of whether or not J. LO has had a nose job. In her earlier image, the actress’s nose looks bigger compared to her small ridged nose in her recent photos. The noticeable new appearance of her nose leaving most of her fans with the conclusion that the actress has had a Rhinoplasty. These speculations have further been enhanced by a plastic surgeon who is on record saying, “It is possibly have undergone a Rhinoplasty procedure. Her nose appears thinner across the bridge and tip and her nostrils appear to be smaller than in previous images.”

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Breast Augmentation

Looking at Jennifer Lopez’s cleavage for real it does not reflect that of a typical woman in fifties who is a mother of two. As seen in her images, her breast size seems to have increased over the years giving her cleavage a new perfect appearance. As many speculate, Lopez must have had some artificial procedures that have helped her achieve such a nice chest appearance, Breast implants to be specific. Plastic surgery experts have also given their take on Lopez’s breast augmentation speculations. “Looking at past images of J-Lo, it is possible that she has undergone a surgical breast enlargement.” An expert said in an interview.

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Face Lift, Fillers, and Botox

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20 year gap

In her fifties, Jennifer Lopez looks the same way she looked in her twenties if not better. Comparing her 2000 image with her recent face looks it is inevitable to conclude that her smooth wrinkleless, face is the courtesy of Botox injections. The absence of sagging skins and fine lines at her age have been pinned to facelift whereas her juicy lips and flabby cheeks are linked to filler injections. “I would also suggest she has had anti-wrinkle injections, often referred to as Botox, to her forehead, and around her eyes.” The plastic surgeon asserts.

Butt Augmentation

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Even though J.LO accredits regular exercising to her extra-ordinary bum shape and volume, many still can’t believe it is 100% natural. Her perfect bum has driven many to the conclusion that she must have had butt implants to boost its appearance. This is based on a keen comparison of an image showing her smaller butt earlier on with her voluminous bum in a recent photo.


It is indeed true that the ears may lie but not the eyes. From your observation, does Jennifer Lopez’s general appearance reflect that of an ordinary 50-0plus-year-old? Do you think she has had some plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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