Jesse McCartney Plastic Surgery

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Has Jesse McCartney had Plastic Surgery?

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Jesse McCartney

Ever since he started gracing our screens from childhood up to now when he is a 33-year-old man, Jesse McCartney has been in the spotlight for a while. From indoor buzzing to speculations, all the way to the widespread rumors linking the singer with plastic surgery. Yes, rumors both you and I have heard. Unfortunately, in 2020, when McCartney had lost a bandmate who succumbed to covid-19 was the climax of the plastic surgery rumors, Botox to be more specific.

Jesse McCartney has previously been accused of undergoing at least a combination of filler injections and Botox in a bid to refresh his looks before his audience.

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According to his die-hard fans, It is most likely that Jesse McCartney might have undergone Botox treatment to rejuvenate his appearance. Speculations have it that the procedure seems to have tightened McCartney’s face skin tissues giving him a baby appearance even at the age of 33 now.

The allegations have not yet been supported by any information from the plastic surgeons’ desk. Some fans have gone a step further claiming that the Botox procedure has made Jesse McCartney look uglier since they link his lack of a hairy face to the cosmetic procedure. Despite all the plastic surgery rumors around him, McCartney has never come out publicly denying of acclaiming the allegations against him.

Cheek Fillers

From observation, some of his die-hard fans seem to attach McCartney’s puffier cheeks to filler injections. According to these categories of fans, McCartney’s cheeks seem to have had a noticeable change based on a keen comparison of his images in 2004 and 2020. These speculations have sparked up a heated dialogue on the social media platforms with another group of fans denouncing the cheek fillers speculations. This group seems to bring in the argument that McCartney’s cheeks have grown naturally puffier as he ages.

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then and now

The fans further argue that McCartney can’t maintain the same baby looks he had in 2004 all through his life. According to them, the singer has not had filler injections but has rather responded to gravity by naturally developing puffier cheeks. This debate once again doesn’t have an expert’s hands neither has the actor cleared the air concerning the same.

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It is quite that Jesse McCartney knows how to handle social media pressure including the plastic surgery allegations. No matter the speculations, the singer doesn’t show any signs of unveiling any information concerning plastic surgery any soon. This way it has been left upon us. Yes me and you, to keenly observe and draw meaningful conclusions. So, what is your take? Has he or hasn’t he had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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