Joe Biden Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the current President-elect in the United States. In a bid to achieve a healthy, fresh appearance before voters, it has become the norm of most top U.S politicians to succumb to plastic surgery. Joe Biden, being a highly reputed politician is no different. In an interview, plastic surgery experts are on record saying that Biden has probably had a full facelift, hair transplant, Botox, and eye lift as well.

These allegations were backed up by Donald Trump who fearlessly questioned the importance of Joe Biden’s plastic since Biden would always hide his face in a face mask. “What the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he’s going to cover it up?” Trump said during the 2020’s Presidential campaigns.

Though Biden has never directly confessed these accusations, he indirectly tipped off the media in an interview question that had inquired about the hair transplant rumors. In response to the question, Biden simply said, “Guess. I’ve got to keep some mystery in my life.”

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Why Facelift speculations?

According to plastic surgeons, Joe Bidden must have had a full facelift to rejuvenate his appearance because his face and neck don’t have as many sagging skins as a typical 77-year old would. They say that the surgical procedure must have helped Biden really a lot giving him a fresh youthful appearance even in his seventies.

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Face comparisons

Why hair transplant?

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A keen comparison of a picture of Biden in the seventies versus his current picture, it would be undeniable to conclude that the politician must have had a hair transplant. Biden’s earlier pictures show an impending bald on his head but as the years go by, the bald drastically disappears leaving us with no choice but pledge allegiance to hair transplant for the fresh, youthful appearance it’s given him.

Botox procedure

Botox injections have highly been accredited as the main catalysts behind Biden’s less wrinkled face, few fine lines, and flawlessly smooth forehead. In nowhere on earth can a man the age of Biden have such youthful looks. This way the experts argued that Biden must have defied gravity opting for Botox.

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Eyelift Speculations

Keenly observing Biden’s eyes, it wouldn’t be hard to establish that some artificial modifications must have been done on them. They lack many fine lines around them and besides, his eyebrows seem to have shifted higher than their original location. This draws every conclusion that Biden must have had an eyelift.


Indeed, Biden has not yet shared substantial details concerning the plastic surgery rumors around him but this doesn’t hinder us from using our eyes. What can you see? Has he or hasn’t he? Kindly leave a comment.

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