Katee Sackhoff Plastic Surgery

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Has Katee Sackhoff had Plastic Surgery?

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While most Hollywood celebrities accredit a healthy lifestyle for their impressive physical appearances, it should also be taken into consideration that most of them tend to opt for plastic surgery as their anti-aging remedy. Katee Sackhoff is no better since she has not been able to escape the cosmetic procedure “weighbridge”. Her youthful looks at the age of 40 now have sparked up all manner of speculations linking the actress to cosmetic procedures.

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Despite her age, Katee Sackhoff has maintained the looks of a young lady in her prime years. This has in turn pushed her die-hard fans to the verge of suspecting that she must have had a plastic surgeon’s aid to remain this impressively youthful. These rumors have been backed up by an online poll that revealed that 42% of Sackhoff’s audience think she went under the surgeon’s knife to boost her appearances. According to the poll results, Katee Sackhoff must have at least undergone rhinoplasty, Botox, and Filler injections.

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It is speculated that Katee Sackhoff most likely had a rhinoplasty since her nose bridge seems to have changed over the years. Being in the spotlight for all this long, it is not hard to notice that Sackhoff’s nose bridge appeared to be less prominent in her past compared to its easily visible state in recent days. According to the poll, this noticeable change is impossible without a nose job.


Most of Sackhoff’s fans have accredited her youthful face to Botox treatment. The main reason behind these speculations is anchored on the impossibility of a woman in her 40’s to have the same facial looks she had 20 years ago. Botox has been given a sure bet since it seems to have worked perfectly for Katee Sackhoff giving her a tightened smooth forehead skin. Although some other fans have cited laser treatments and chemical peels as the genesis for Sackhoff’s youthful facial appearance, the speculations haven’t been backed up from the expert’s desk.

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Taking a keen comparison between Katee Sackhoff’s past and current image, a keen observer can draw some meaningful conclusions. Initially, Sackhoff seemed to have thinner lips than now. Her cheeks don’t seem to have sagged with age at all. These two key observations leave many with almost similar guesswork with filler injections being the “center of rotation”. It speculated that Sackhoff must have had filler injections to remain in her youthful looks for this long. Again the cosmetic procedure seems to have worked so well for her giving her a super perfect look. Thanks to the fillers.

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Having successfully emerged victorious over thyroid cancer, Katee Sackhoff is indeed a brave lady. Her silence on the plastic surgery speculations revolving around her leaves most of us in long thick darkness with the question of whether or not she went under the knife still boggling our minds. It true the ear can lie but not the eye. What can you see? Did she or didn’t she undergo plastic surgery? Kindly leave a comment.

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