Do you think Keanu Reeves has had plastic surgery?

by Reema
Keanu Reeves

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Has Keanu Reeves had Plastic Surgery?

keanu reeves

keanu reeves


We live in a world where plastic surgery has been rapidly on the rise. In fact, to most celebrities, it has become a normal thing. The young are going out their ways to look prettier while the old swim through oceans to look younger and refreshed. As for celebrities, the pressure to become the audience’s favourite as well as to remain at the peak of the competitive industry has seen many spent colossal amounts of money on plastic surgery.

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Keanu Reeves, being an actor, is no better since he is one of those celebrities who have been associated with doing plastic surgery. Reeves, just like many other celebrities, has had his fair share of plastic surgery rumours. And, just like most famous people do, the actor has remained mum, not admitting or denying any allegations pinned on him.

This has led to several rhetoric questions amongst his fans and followers, with the common being; has he or hasn’t he had plastic surgery?


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What Plastic Surgeries has had Keanu Reaves?


You have heard it, I have heard, we all have heard it. Yes, about the rumours linking Keanu Reeves to plastic surgery. Reeves started acting at the age of nine, and ever since, he has been in the limelight. Now aged 57, his followers can make comparisons and tell whether he is aging gracefully or not and whether his looks are 100% percent natural or not.

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After all, these and other comparisons are made, Reeves’ fans can’t hold from making the conclusion that the actor must have gone under the surgeon’s knife. Most of his followers and plastic surgery experts argue that the actor might have had Botox, Rhinoplasty, and dermal fillers, to be specific. Did he or didn’t he? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

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Has Reeves had Botox?


As one grows old, his/her looks change. Naturally, one’s appearance should change proportionally to his age. However, for 57 years old Keanu Reeves, something doesn’t seem to add up. His face, and more so, his forehead, doesn’t seem to have changed a bit as it looks exactly as it looked 20 years ago.

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It appears to be smooth, wrinkleless and lacks fines lines. This forms the basis for Botox allegations since it is not natural for an ordinary 57-year old to have such a baby-like forehead. According to his followers, it is not natural for Reeves not to show even the slightest signs of wrinkles at his age. Even though the actor has never publicly admitted to having had Botox, it is easier to judge him based on his looks. In any case, who would admit to having had Botox that easily?

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Did Reeves go for a Nose Job?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and look at the past and present images of Keanu Reeves; there are more than a thousand words to decode. Taking a keen look at his nose in his previous pictures versus in his present appearances, the difference is visible. In his past images, the nose appears to be slightly broader than it is now.

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Previously his nose tip wasn’t as well defined as it is now. These are the indicators that nose job might have done its best on the actor since in no way can nature transform the shape of one’s nose. Some plastic surgery experts argue that if at all Reeves had a rhinoplasty, it must have been a subtle one, and the expert who carried the procedure must have done it so skillfully since the nose appears to match his face so well.  

keanu reeves


Did Keanu Reeves get Dermal Fillers?


As one grows old, his cheeks become saggy. This, however, is not the case with 57-year old Keanu Reeves. Comparing the actor’s looks at the time he acted in the film “The Matrix” and the present-day Keanu, it goes without saying that he must have received the helping hands of a cosmetic expert. Previously his cheeks appeared to be a little bit sunken compared to their present fuller and sharper appearance.

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The difference in the appearances attracts the speculations that the actor might have had dermal fillers. According to some highly-experienced plastic surgery experts, Reeves must have gotten some cheek implants. Additionally, his skin appears to be quite plump and a little more firm than around his neck area. This has led to the speculations that the actor might have undergone some collagen-boosting procedure.

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Final Word


The most trying exam for most celebrities has been confessing on whether or not they have had plastic surgery. This trend is no different from Keanu Reeves, who has never said a thing concerning his alleged plastic surgery. In other words, only he and the surgeon involved, if any, know for real what plastic surgeries had the actor, where, when, and how much it cost him. However, his silence on the matter doesn’t hinder us from using our sense of sight to determine whether or not the actor had plastic surgery. From where you sit, what can you see? Do you think Keanu Reeves has had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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