Kelly Monaco before and after plastic surgery

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About Kelly Monaco

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Marie Monaco is an American actress, reality television personality, and model. She is popularly known for featuring on the General Hospital soap opera on ABC TV as Sam McCall where she has played the role for almost two decades. Kelly Monaco won the first season competition of the Dancing with the Stars reality TV show. Her other film works which have made her a familiar face in many households include; Playboy Playmate and Port Charles.

Kelly Monaco’s Early Life

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A young Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco who is the middle child in the family of Albert “Al” and Carmina Monaco was born on the 23th Of May 1976 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christine, Carmina, Amber, and Marissa are the sisters to Kelly. She started attending her first acting classes as soon as she joined Pocono Mountain High School. Before attending Northampton Community College, Monaco worked at a local resort as a lifeguard.

Kelly Monaco’s Relationship/Family Life

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Kelly and Mike Gonzalez

Monaco’s first love was Mike Gonzalez who she met in High school. The duo grew old together working as lifeguards before joining the same college, community college. Monaco dated Mike Gonzalez for 18 years before their relationship ended up in 2009. Monaco is allegedly said to have suffered trauma for a long after she lost her relationship.

Kelly Monaco’s Career

Kelly Monaco began her modeling career after Playboy made her the Playmate of the Month in April 1997. She featured in several Playboy Special Edition publications all through her 90’s tenure with Playboy.

Kelly’s first appearance on screen was in the drama Baywatch (1997-1998). It’s in the same decade that Monaco featured as a minor character in the films; Idle Hands, Mumford, and BASEketball. She played the roles of Olivia “Livvie” Locke Morley and Tess Ramsey on ABC’s Port Charles. Monaco however became very popular in 2003 when she played Samantha McCall in the General Hospital soap opera.

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Monaco was appointed by Donald Trump to serve as a judge in the 2009’s 2009 Miss USA pageant. Due to her well-established career both in the film industry and modeling, Kelly has received several awards such as the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, and Dancing with the Stars among other awards.

Kelly Monaco’s Net Worth

The American-born actress-cum model can be rated to be doing good in her career. This is because at her age Kelly is worth $ 4 million.

Did Kelly Monaco Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Kelly Monaco being the popular person she is has been in the spotlight with people from all walks of life making different assertions and speculations on her. One such speculation concerns the issue of possible plastic surgery concerning the actress’ new looks. Even though Monaco has remained mum concerning the whole story of plastic surgery, her close followers have speculated that the actress must have had filler injections for her lips and cheeks. This owes to the fact that she has bigger lips and her cheeks do not look saggy at her age.

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Before and after plastic surgery

A combination of lip injections, facelift, and Botox would be the safest bet once it comes to Kelly Monaco’s plastic surgery. At her age, a youthful wrinkleless face is impossible not unless someone defies gravity. To affirm their sentiments, most fans have noted the bruises on Monaco’s face a clear indication of possible surgery. Even though Monaco remains hesitant on revealing details of her plastic surgery, the lack of fine lines on her face owes allegiance to a facelift.

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Kelly’s new look


Kelly Monaco is indeed a true definition of an outstanding woman following her successful modeling and acting careers. However, the big question behind everyone’s minds is; has Kelly tried out plastic surgery to survive her competitive industries? Kindly share your thoughts.

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