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Jennie Kim

Check out Jennie Kim from BlackPink Plastic Surgery:

korean celebrity jennie kim

korean celebrity jennie kim

BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups that has successfully captured the attention of internet users since its release. Their popularity is growing by the day. BLACKPINK’s members all are stunningly attractive, gorgeous, and brimming with promise. Jennie Kim is one of them. She has a lovely face. She is a South Korean singer and rapper. She was born in South Korea.

Jennie Kim is a stunning woman. Fans come to her social media such as Instagram to appreciate her cat-like images and compliment her on her beauty, but she also has her detractors. She is without a doubt the most attractive member of her band. Plastic surgery appears to be popular among Korean celebs as well. As can be seen in both new and old images, Korean celebrity Jennie Kim appears to have undergone some plastic surgery.

Beauty standards in Korea are quite high. Many individuals aspire to have Jennie’s face. There have been various alterations to her face since her debut. She never notified her followers whether she had gone under the knife or not, but many people claim that her looks have altered. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a celebrity who hasn’t undergone some sort of plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures are highly crucial in a celebrity’s life in order for them to flourish in their career.

Has she had Rhinoplasty? 

jennie kim before and after

jennie kim before and after


Jennie was born with a beautiful nose. It does not appear that she has had many modifications to her nose, but there are subtle differences like her nostrils were wide and broad when she smiled in prior photographs, but now they are inward. Now her nose seems thinner than before, and there appears to be some treatment done on the tip of her nose. Her nose looks more defined and beautiful now, and whoever performed it did a fantastic job. She is looking stunning. Her followers adore her attractiveness and see her as the perfection of beauty. She is a self-assured young girl. Jenney was the first BLACKPINK member to be announced.


Has Jennie ever had a blepharoplasty?


She appears to have had blepharoplasty, a surgery in which fat from the top eyelid is removed, giving her enviable cat-like eyes. There is no obvious evidence of it, yet everyone in this profession has done something to their face to enhance their looks. As a result, there’s a decent possibility she did it. It is clear from her recent photos that she has not had heavy eyelids. Her eyes have improved significantly.

It’s difficult to make a living in K-Pop. Their living standards are really difficult, and K-Pop has established a particular place in fans’ hearts, and they are highly renowned internationally, and while everyone is watching you, you must absolutely keep your look. Her face used to be plump, but it has already transformed. The diets of K-pop singers are hazardous. Some vocalists resort to hazardous measures in order to satisfy body-related criteria. Being a K-Pop star comes with a lot of obligations, and it’s difficult for the average individual to meet them all. Korean superstars have a distinct style and appearance, and clearly, cosmetic surgery is an excellent way to satisfy these expectations.



What do you think about her lip fillers? 

jennie kim

jennie kim

Jennie’s lips altered dramatically. They will be slightly plump at one year and the next year, they are completely full. The next year, it gets thin. This is something I observed in several of her pre-debut photographs. As a result, it is clear that she does not always use fillers since her lips appear tiny one moment and full the next. It might be plastic surgery, makeup, or Photoshop, but it’s more than certainly lip fillers. She is still recognizable since her look hasn’t changed significantly. She lost a lot of weight as compared to her previous photographs.

Puberty has obviously taken its toll on her, but we can also say that she has received cosmetic surgery, which is absolutely not a negative thing because she looks stunningly beautiful. Her cosmetic procedures have been a huge success. Everything appears to be right, and we can’t notice any flaws on her face.


Is she also having Chin Fillers and Gum re-contouring to give them Shape?

In addition to the lip fillers, she may have added some chin fillers to make her face look more oval. Fillers on the chin increase the length of the face, giving it a more oval appearance. This improves her facial features, adds symmetry, and makes her appear more beautiful than ever. She currently has a lovely oval face. Her grin seems to be gummier in her younger years, but they are less gummy now that she has re-contoured her gums to give them form and make them appear smaller. She’s doing that to hide her gums when she smiles. She has made several alterations to her face, but just small ones, and she has not entirely transformed her appearance.


What about the removal of Buccal Fat and Skin Color? 

jennie kim

jennie kim

Her skin may have been bleached because it seems different than previously. Maybe it’s just a photoshop and lighting effect. Her cheeks, on the other hand, have altered, and this is evident. She was born with a lot of cheek flesh, and this is a region of the face that does not often alter with weight reduction or puberty.

You may lose cheek fat as you age, but many individuals keep it their whole lives. Now I believe this was the situation with her. She performed a buccal fat excision. In this surgery, an incision is made in the mouth and the fat pad is extracted through the mouth. It’s a great treatment that provides the face with a distinct and beautiful form. It offers you a more sculpted look and makes your face seem fantastic.




She hasn’t acknowledged having any operations, but it appears that she has had some surgery done on her face. Her followers adore her and want to know everything about her. Surgery isn’t always a terrible thing, so whether she had it or not, she’s still a queen. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures do not define a person, nor do they affect who they are or their value. We should never evaluate or characterize someone based on the superficial modifications they make. In the end, her job is a good fit for her, and it isn’t all that extreme. The surgeon performed an excellent job.


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