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Lady Gaga

Has Lady Gaga had Plastic Surgery?

lady gaga

lady gaga

It is undeniable that Lady Gaga is one of the finest pieces of work in both the Hollywood and pop industry. Her career success and her beauty are like a double-edged sword that cuts across the interests of her fans and critics. Her extraordinary beauty and uncommon makeup and outrageous outfit during public appearances give her fans visual appearances. However, off late fans, critics and experts have looked deeper into the chameleon-like Lady Gaga and her looks! Yes her looks seem to be the talk of the town.

While a few people attribute the changes in appearance to nature, a good majority of her followers attach the same to artificial “catalysts”. In short, they believe the “Born This Way” hitmaker has had plastic surgery to boost her looks. Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

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What Plastic Surgeries has Had Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is one person who grew up in the limelight and hence it is obvious that followers from all over the world have been tracking her every move and change in physical appearance. A keen look at Lady Gaga’s face, forehead, lips, busty, and butts has triggered rumors and speculations of a facelift, Botox, fillers, boob job, and butt augmentation at least. Despite the logical approach taken by followers and experts to support their plastic surgery claims against Lady Gaga, the musician has over the years lived in denial.

Did She Undergo a Facelift?

This is the only cosmetic that the “Poker Face” singer has shallowly alluded to. In an interview, Lady Gaga admitted she used tape as facelift treatment. In the treatment, Gaga revealed that she used to wrap the tape around her cheekbone skin and the tape would pull her skin tightening it and hence give her a younger look.

lady gaga

Even though Gaga is young, initially her followers had doubted the smoothness and tightness of her skin. Despite her confession of her tape face lifters, still, most of her followers and experts feel that she paid some secret visit to a good surgeon somewhere who so well got rid of all the slightest flaws on her face and especially any pieces of evidence of dropping skins.

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Has Lady Gaga had a Nose job?

Lady Gaga has over the years stood the ground that she has never had a nose job. Her sentiments on rhinoplasty and the conclusions from followers’ and experts’ speculations have been in constant conflict. This lot believes more in what they see than what they have heard.

From observation, Gaga’s nose appears to have been more refined than it was some years back. Initially, the nose was bigger, with a less prominent nasal bridge and the nose tip pointed down to her lips. However, in her recent video and picture appearances, Gaga’s nose looks slimmer, with a more defined nasal bridge and the nose tip appear to have been lifted. The force behind these changes has only been attributed to a nose job since nature can’t do this.

lady gaga

These allegations received some expert backup when Dr. Maurino Joffily, a London-based surgeon told the Daily Star that he believes that the vocalist had her nasal bridge fixed because her nose shape appears straighter and narrower with a more specified tip in her after photo.

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Did Lady Gaga Go for Fillers?

This cosmetic procedure seems to be the most undebatable of all plastic surgeries associated with Lady Gaga. Almost everyone seems to give a nod in the fact that Gaga’s lips seem to have undergone the most unnatural noticeable change. Initially, the singer’s lips were simply thin as opposed to her most recent appearance where the same lips seem puffier, fuller, and pinky. It is believed that Gaga went underwent the procedure when she took some break off the cameras, only to re-appear a totally changed person characteristic off juicer lips. This sudden “miracle” went far beyond nature’s explanation and hence attracting lip filler injection speculations.

Has Gaga had Botox?

Again, once it comes to the big “B” allegations, the “Bad Romance” hit-maker remains mum on the issue. However, followers couldn’t let her silence prevent them from examining her. The eyes seem to be speaking louder than the singer’s mouth that is has been denying all the plastic surgery allegations pinned on her. Even though some argue that Gaga is too young to need Botox, a majority believe that the cosmetic procedure has had its helping hand towards her flawless, wrinkleless forehead.

With the absence of the slightest indications of fine lines and expressions on her forehead, the singer looks perfectly attractive with a baby-like appearance. However, the same appearance has triggered some serious Botox speculations since many believe that her forehead is too smooth to be natural.

These speculations have had a back from some Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons who argue that the vocalist might have had Botox combined with fillers to perfect on her cheeks and chin. According to the experts, Gaga’s surgeon seems to have done a commendable job in shaping up her face while at the same time getting rid of any previously evident imperfections.

Has she Ever Had Boob Job?

Breast augmentation is one of Lady Gaga’s most debated subject. A comparison of her earlier images and her recent appearances shows that her busty has increased in size. This is what has triggered out mixed reactions amongst her followers with a majority attaching the change to natural weight gain. On the other hand, a section of critics seems to doubt that Gaga can achieve such a cleavage naturally and hence have speculated that the singer has had a helping hand of breast implants.

lady gaga

What about Butt Augmentation?

From a close-up shot, Lady Gaga’s butt seems to have grown slightly bigger than it was initially. Well, some have linked the noticeable change to butt augmentation but the vocalist has indirectly responded to the allegations by constantly sharing her workout programs on social media, which consists of an intense butt lift with a VersaClimber. While the singer attributes good exercising to her new butt volume and roundness, most of her critics believe that she has had some butt implants.

lady gaga


The answer to the question of whether or not Lady Gaga had plastic surgery is purely dependent on observation since the singer has lived in denial all through. She has never admitted to going under the surgeon’s scalpel and she doesn’t show any signs of doing so any soon. This leaves us with the only option of relying on our eyes more than the ears. So, from your own observation, what can you see? Has she or hasn’t she altered her looks through plastic surgery? Kindly leave a comment.


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