Damning details about Lana Del Rey’s plastic surgery

by Reema

Did Lana Del Rey Have a Plastic Surgery?

damning details about lana del rey's plastic surgery

lana del rey

Young, Pretty, and talented are the words that can best describe Lana Del Rey. For about a decade-plus now the “Video Games” hitmaker has been idolized by many following her soul-touching music. Del Rey has been known to grace our screens now and then. However, in recent days, her beauty has been the topic of discussion.

The majority of her followers believe that they have known her for long enough to detect any changes in her physical appearance. For that reason, they believe the singer has had some alterations to her looks, plastic surgery to be specific. While one might question the importance of plastic surgery to a person as young as Del Rey, it is worth noting that she is not the only one of her age to undergo the procedure.

Plastic surgeries have become so trendy amongst celebrities with the main reason behind the procedures being to remain attractive to one’s target audience. 

Lana Del Rey is no better since she belongs to a family of celebrities and just like most of them, she has had her fair share of gossip, rumors, and speculations linking her to plastic surgery. Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? What cosmetic procedures have had her? Let’s find out.

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 What Plastic Surgeries has had Lana Del Rey?

Even though rumors linking Lana Del Rey have taken a center stage, the singer has had no comment pertaining to it so far. Her silence has left her followers and experts with the sole option of using their sense of sight to determine what plastic surgery she has had and what she has not had.

And, for sure, their observation has yielded some speculations. Yes, some parts, especially her nose, lips, and breasts couldn’t escape the plastic surgery ax. From observation, the drastic noticeable change in Del Rey’s looks has been accredited to rhinoplasty, fillers, boob job, and Botox at least.

Has she had Rhinoplasty?

A picture is worth a thousand words and going the picture way is the best way to determine whether or not Lana Del Rey has had a nose job. A comparison between her earlier on and recent pics seems to tell more than just a story. It’s from such observation that Del Rey’s nose has taken the center stage of her plastic surgery allegations. It has turned out to be the most visible change of her face.

Initially, the nose was larger, had a rounded tip, and a slight bump on the bridge. Having a glimpse of her recent image, the old seems to have faded out and ushered in the new. Her new nose appears to be smaller and sharper with a more defined nasal bridge and a pointed nose tip. This time around the bump is not evident and the nose tip now seems to be slightly lifted. Is this possible naturally?

Your guess is as good as mine and for that reason, we leave it up to nose job for a detailed explanation.

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Has Lana Del Rey had Some History with Lip Fillers?

Get an earlier on picture of Lana Del Rey. Have you done that? Good, focus your sight on her lips and then get a more recent pic or video of the “Video Games” singer and do the same. What do you see?

Well, if you are a keen observer you will realize that Del Rey’s lips in her earlier pics, especially the time she entered the industry, were thin and normal. However, in her recent pics and videos, the same pics have become the talk of the town since they look plumped and fuller than they used to be.

damning details about lana del rey's plastic surgery

The noticeable change has actually made it inevitable for the male followers to describe Del Rey’s lips as a juicer and sexier. The singer has never given birth and therefore no one can attach her new voluminous lips to hormonal changes. And now that nature doesn’t guarantee such a change, lip filler injections is the only option to go by. From the experts’ point of view, it seems like Lana Del Rey has had collagen fillers.

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Has She had Breast Augmentation?

From her “prior-to” pics Lana Del Rey’s busty looks smaller than its size now. This noticeable change is one that has sparked up a heated debate between the singer’s fans and critics. While her fans attach the seemingly boosted cleavage to natural aging and weight gain, her critics seem to conclusively say that the voluminous chest size is purely the courtesy of breast implants.

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Bringing more prove on the table another lot of followers have noted that Del Rey’s boobs not only are bigger but they are rounder. This observation is what seems to add some sense to the speculation that the “Lust for Life” might have had a boob job. Otherwise, can nature really reshape one’s boobs?

What about Botox?

It is undeniable that Lana Del Rey’s flawless face makes her an icon of admiration by many ladies. It is for this reason that some followers have been smelling a rat and for that reason accused the singer of using the big “B”, Botox to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and expression marks from ‘intruding’ on her face. Additionally, it is believed that Del Rey’s Botox was applied alongside some facial fillers since her face looks slightly puffier than it was initially. 

However, a group of experts has come to the singer’s rescue saying that it doesn’t seem like Del Rey has had Botox or facial fillers. Instead, the experts accredit Del Rey’s new looks to natural weight gain.


With the long silence that Lana Del Rey has maintained in the midst of all the plastic surgery speculations pinned on her, it is only she who knows whether for sure she has plastic surgery or not. As for us, you and me, ours is to keep opening our eyes wider. So, that being the case, what observations have made with regards to Lana Del Rey’s plastic surgery? Has she or hasn’t had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts. 



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