Do you think Lauren German has had plastic surgery

by Reema
Do you think Lauren German has had plastic surgery

Has Lauren German had Plastic Surgery?

do you think lauren german has had plastic surgery

lauren german

Advanced surgical techniques and the overwhelming desire to appear excellent and sexy in front of the camera have made plastic surgery so trendy amongst our celebrities. Lauren German is one of the finest actresses, Hollywood has ever had, has not been an exception in the plastic surgery talks cutting across almost all the celebrities out there. It is now about two decades since the actress came into the limelight gracing our screens with her outstanding performances. That being the case, one would be lying or pretending to say that he hasn’t noticed any appearance changes with regards to the star.

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The truth is, the “Chicago Fire” actress has had numerous changes in her appearance and while a section of her long-time followers has linked the changes to normal aging, a majority seems to dwell on plastic surgery as the catalyst behind the noticeable changes. Even though German has taken the center-stage of plastic surgery speculations, she has never publicly admitted or denied the allegations. Going mum has instead been her reaction. For this reason, a comparison of her past versus recent pics had to be used as the weighing balance in determining whether or not the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” went under the surgeon’s scalpel. Did she or didn’t she? Let’s find out?

What Plastic Surgeries has had Lauren German?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and for that reason, German’s pics have been used to tell us what plastic surgeries were done on her. They seem too revealing more than just a story. A comparison of the actress’s previous versus the present appearances of her nose, face, and lips gives every indication of plastic surgery, a nose job, facelift, Botox, and fillers to be specific. 

Did Lauren German Get a Nose job?

Eyes are the surest method of confirming even the slightest changes in anybody’s physical appearance and not the ears. Viewed with an eye for details German’s nose doesn’t look the same way it was several years ago. In her older pics, the nose appeared to be more bulbous and rounder. This old look seems to have been overshaded by the new look of the nose since her recent images reveal that the nose is slimmer and more pointed than it was initially. You and I know that naturally, that cannot happen. That means the noticeable change was achieved artificially, through a rhinoplasty to be specific. Experts have argued that German’s nose job is subtle must have been done by a highly-skilled surgeon since it is hardly noticeable and gives the actress a more attractive feminine appearance. It has been that, for the nose to assume a pointy appearance, the surgeon might have considered broadening German’s nasal bridge because it appears to be broader than it was initially. 

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Has she had Botox?

Normally, as one age, some flaws in the name of facial expression marks, fine lines, and wrinkles start to appear. At the age of forties, such changes are inevitable to most people. Ironically, that is not the case with the “A Walk to Remember” actress since she appears to be getting younger every other day and the wrinkles and fine lines don’t show signs of attacking her any soon. This is what has left many of her followers with the question, ‘but how is that possible?’ With nature lacking any explanation for that, the big “B”, Botox has been attributed to her baby-face-like appearance. Besides, it is believed that the actress’s Botox treatment might have been laced with fillers since her face appears to be puffier than it was previously.

 Did Lauren German Go for Facelift?

As age knocks, one’s facial skin begins to grow loose thereby starting to sag. What raises everyone’s eyebrows however is how German’s skin remains smooth and tight. The area around cheeks has skin well lifted and we pretty well know that nature cannot extend such courtesy to anyone. This observation has is what has driven many of her followers into suspecting facelift as the propellant behind German’s facial wonders. Additionally, her critical followers have termed the cosmetic treatment as overly-done facelift arguing that her facial skin doesn’t move while she talks or smiles. 

do you think lauren german has had plastic surgery

These allegations have been backed up by Dr. Paul Nassif, a plastic surgeon, who has stated that Lauren German most likely has had Botox and facial fillers. 

Does she Get Lip Fillers?

Over the years, Lauren German’s lips were not a top of discussion with regards to the actress’s alleged plastic surgery. However, following one of her recent Instagram that exposed her upper lip appearing to be bigger and fuller than it was originally. The noticeable change has been accredited to lip fillers since from her past photos, her lips appeared to be thin and of normal size. The change has stirred up mixed reactions amongst the fans with a majority taking it up to Twitter for discussions.

“Lauren German looks so so different? Like her face is stretched back and not moving when she talks as well as her top lip? Is it just me, or is this actually what she looks like now? I’ve always thought she was so beautiful.” One fan tweeted.

“…Definitely botox and lip fillers, she still looks really great though. Whatever makes her happy, I’m okay with.” Another one pinned it on social media.

Final Word

Undeniably, Lauren German is a ‘cocktail’ of true beauty and incomparable talent. However, with plastic surgery being on the trend, it has become hard for a section of her followers to differentiate whether her beauty is 100% or it is the product of plastic surgery. Bringing more confusion into the matter is the fact that the actress has maintained a death-silence on the matter, not admitting nor denying the speculations. However, that does not in any way hinder us from using our eyes and come with some reasonable observations. That being the case, what can you see? Do you think the actress has had plastic surgery? Kindly share your thoughts.



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