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Did Madison Beer have a plastic surgery? Here are the details

Has Madison Beer had Plastic Surgery?

Madison Beer

With fame comes admiration, idolization, and all manner of talks, both good and bad. Ever since Madison Beer was popularized by Justin Bieber, her story changed for good as she became the talk of the town. Before then, she was no topic of discussion. Just like many other celebrities, Madison has had her fair share of the plastic surgery rumors. Yes, rumors you and I have heard. And some wonder why would a lady as young as Beer need plastic surgery, a good majority on the other end have tirelessly worked to verify whether or not the singer has had plastic surgery. The majority of her followers believe that Maddie has enhanced her beauty since a comparison of her looks now versus her looks when she first stepped into the music industry.

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Due to her young age, some of her physical changes might be accredited to natural maturity and weight gain but all the same, there’s a clear cutline between the natural changes and the changes catalyzed by plastic surgery? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? What parts of her body were altered by cosmetic procedures? Has she ever admitted to doing plastic surgery? These are some of the many questions that might be scratching young head. However, worry not for the answers are about to be served hot.


So, What Plastic Surgeries did Madison Beer Undergo?


Just by a look at the then versus the now pics of Madison Beer, anyone with an eye for detail wouldn’t struggle to trace the changes on the physical appearances of the “Melodies” singer. Yes, the areas that most likely went under the surgeon’s scalpel. Even though Beer has is in the past confessed having had some work done on her lips, still, a huge section of her followers believe that the singer has had more than that. According to them, the singer most likely received the surgeon’s helping hand to refine her nose as well as boost her boobs. In other words, they believe rhinoplasty and boob job played a vital role in reshaping both body parts for the singer.

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What about Madison Beer’s Lip Fillers?


With regards to Madison Beer’s plastic surgery, the question of whether or not the singer has had filler injections is a walk in the park since, on top of changes our eyes had detected, the singer came out publicly confessing that she had lip fillers. Initially, Beer just looked okay with her usual thin lips. However, soon after stepping on the fame arena, the old seems to be gone, ushering in the new. Her lips look fuller and plumbed. She doesn’t look normal at all and as many attempted to question the forces of nature behind such a look, the singer came out boldly clearly admitting that she had lip filers but regrets tempering with her original beauty.


“Guys, I got my lips done when I was younger and I fucking regretted it and I hated it. I got them dissolved. This is literally my fucking natural face …My lips are literally all I’ve ever done and people will continuously say ‘oh she got an eyebrow lift,'” It’s just so exhausting. Literally, everyone who wants to say that I’m a horrible person and I’m lying to my fans… my fans, my real fans, they know that I’m being truthful.” Beer tweeted.

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Did Madison Beer Get a Rhinoplasty?


When it comes to a nose job, there seem to be clashing arguments. While the singer stands her ground that she has never had rhinoplasty, her followers seem to give a not to the cosmetic procedure for the wonderful work it seemingly has done to her. If you use can use your eyes well, then you need not be told what happened and what didn’t. From her past pics, Beer’s nose was slightly round, had a less defined nasal bridge and wider nostrils. Contrary to this, In her recent appearances, the same nose seems to have had some noticeable changes. This time around the nose looks slimmer, with a pointed tip and narrower. This is what raises the eyebrows leaving the majority of her followers with the question, can natural body development cause such visible changes on one’s nose? Your guess is as good as mine and hence the speculation that rhinoplasty might have taken its due course.


To add salt to the wound, a month after Madison Beer denied rumors about getting plastic surgery, photos surfaced of the singer outside of a cosmetic surgery clinic, causing fans to believe she had a procedure done and wasn’t being transparent about it. This unveiling saw most of her followers take it to the various social media platforms attacking the singer for being a liar. With the social media attacks proving unbearable, Madison Beer could hesitate to retaliate.


Replying via her Twitter account, the singer said, “I was there for a consultation to get a mole removed. (which I shouldn’t even need to clarify cuz it’s my business) I wasn’t ‘hiding.’ I was waiting for my car & walked out normally. but these pics go ignored. I’ve gotten death threats bc of this situation. see the issue?… Bandwagon hate and mass bullying is something I’m not okay with. Sorry. Bullying has been an issue that has led to suicide and depression for so many years and years and still people do not care to change. focus on your own lives and stop being so hateful towards strangers… anyyyywaayyys. I’m gonna continue to focus on my music, my fans, and the people who know and support me. that’s it. I just hope one day we can end bullying together because it’s fucked up.”


Has Madison Beer had Breast Implants?


Though this remains one of the most debated cosmetic procedures with regards to Madison Beer, the common ground is the fact that Beer’s boobs have increased in volume. While a section of followers attaches the noticeable change to natural maturity and weight gain, another lot of followers seem to clearly draw the cutline between natural weight gain and breast implants. This group believes that the only excuse that can exclude the singer from their boob job speculation list is if she had given birth. Otherwise, it has been observed that her boobs appear to be abnormally rounder than initially and hence strengthening the breast implants speculations pinned on the singer since naturally, boobs can’t reshape to such a round shape. 




Even Madison Beer is young and new in the music industry, she has been able to boldly address her plastic surgery speculations as opposed to most celebrities who simply go mum on such issues. However, chipping into the matter, do you believe that the singer has had lip fillers only, or do you suspect any other cosmetic procedures? Share your thoughts.


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