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Has Marie Osmond Had Plastic Surgery?

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond has grown up in the spotlight being a staple in the entertainment industry. Just like any other aging celebrity, the now 61-year-old has been on the public gauge with most of her die-hard fans widely opening their eyes to see whether the country musician has had plastic surgery to slow down her aging process.

Contrary to the speculations that link her to several cosmetic procedures including Botox, nose job, breast augmentation, and mini-facelift, Marie Osmond has come out denouncing the allegations saying that she has only had a breast reduction surgery and a tightening laser treatment.

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Even though Osmond has revealed that she only had a tightening laser treatment that has given her a permanent flawless facial appearance, the majority of her fans still hold to the speculation that the singer must have had some Botox treatment to supplement the laser treatment. Their argument is strongly rooted in the impossibility of a 61-year old to lack wrinkles and fine lines naturally. According to them, Marie Osmond has had Botox to achieve her youthful looks.

Breast Augmentation

Before Osmond came out clearing the air by saying that has undergone a breast reduction plastic surgery, speculations had it that she has had breast augmentation. The rumors came from a comparison of her old versus her recent photos where most of the fans concluded that her cleavage had grown bigger and hence betting on breast augmentation as the genesis for the seemingly noticeable change.

Then and now

Nose Job

It is speculated that Marie Osmond must-have has a nose job. This speculation is anchored on observation where the majority of her fans say that Osmond’s nose must have had a surgeon’s assistance to achieve its new look characteristic of a revamped nasal bridge, tip, and general nasal shape.


The so-called plastic surgery experts have had their take saying that Osmond seems to have had some subtle work done on her face and neck. The experts have based their argument on the fact that the 61-year-old doesn’t seem to have the sagging facial and neck skins associated with typical people of her age. They accredit mini-facelift for this appearance while at the same time acknowledging the professional work done by her surgeons (if any) leaving her with a natural appearance even after the procedure.

Lip and cheek fillers

From observation, most of her fans seem to be agreeing that Marie Osmond is likely to have had lip and cheek filler injections. According to them, her lips appear to be bigger and her cheeks don’t seem to be naturally saggy. This observation leads to the conclusion that filler injections must have been applied to give such a fresh look.


Even though Marie Osmond has given her side of the plastic surgery story, it is clear that her fans won’t stop speculating any soon. What about you? What do you think? Has she had any other plastic surgery procedures other than the ones she has specified? Share your thoughts.

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