Do you think Marlo Thomas has had a plastic surgery?

by Reema
Do you think Marlo Thomas has had a platic surgery?

Did Marlo Thomas Undergo Plastic Surgery?

do you think marlo thomas has had a plastic surgery?

marlo thomas

It is so sad to watch our favourite celebrities age, become less attractive, and active in their careers. It is even more saddening for the celebrities themselves to watch their deteriorating following as fans shift away from their attention to the young and attractive young celebrities. This pressure alone has seen many old celebrities turn to plastic surgery as their remedy towards rejuvenating youthful appearances.

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The 83-year old Marlo Thomas is no different since she could allow herself to be locked out of the plastic surgery amazing miracles. She had to undergo several cosmetic procedures in a bid to refresh her looks in a bid to look more youthful and appealing to her all-time audience. Even though the actress has lived in denial, the signs of plastic surgery her obvious in her recent looks. This drives us to questions like, what plastic surgeries have she had, and how was the outcome? Let’s find out.

 What Plastic Surgeries has had Marlo Thomas?

do you think marlo thomas has had a plastic surgery?

Just like many other old celebrities, Marlo Thomas’s plastic surgery is mainly focused on her face. A quick look at the “That Girl” actress reveals more than just natural ageing. A comparison of her prior to and after the alleged plastic surgery images seem to tell more than just a story. From observation, there is every indication that the actress has had rhinoplasty, Botox, facelift, facial fillers, brow lift, and eye surgery at least. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Thomas’s plastic surgery appears to be peculiar. The reason being, almost all her cosmetic procedures appear to have been botched.

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 Has Marlo Thomas had a Rhinoplasty?

Thomas’ nose is the first indicator of plastic surgery for those who have known the actress ever since first lay her feet in the acting scenes. In her before pics, Thomas’s nose looked just normal with slightly wider nostrils and a less prominent nasal bridge. Well, it was bigger than it is now but it perfectly matched the other features of her face. In “after” images, the actress’s nose is way smaller than its initial size, the nostrils are narrower and the nose bridge is so narrow. Thomas’s nose job seems to have been botched since her new nose doesn’t match her facial features. The nose bridge has been overly done giving her nose what many experts refer to it as a “pinched nose”.

 Did She Under Botox or Facelift?

As one grows old, it inevitable for wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin among other old-age flows to start complementing the aging process. However, with new plastic surgery technology, it is possible to erase all these old-age features through Botox and Facelift. A look at the 83-year-old Thomas, especially on her forehead, one would easily confuse her for a thirty-year-old lady since her forehead lacks wrinkles and fine lines. Such an appearance is one that has caused murmuring amongst her followers before finally speculating the big “B” as the procedure behind her stretched forehead skin. The area around her forehead and eyes doesn’t seem to be natural at all.

do you think marlo thomas has had a plastic surgery?

Likewise, everyone’s facial skin becomes saggy as one age, not for 83-year old Thomas though. The actress’s facial skin seems to be absent of saggy skin around her face and thus provoking the question, is it naturally possible for someone in her early eighties to possess such a baby-face? Your guess is as good as mine. Such an appearance is what has sparked up facelift allegations amongst the actress’s fans and critics.

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Again, the two procedures appear to have been botched since Thomas’ facial skin appears to be overly stretched. A well-done Botox and Facelift should give a patient a perfect youthful look, absent of wrinkle, fine lines, and laugh lines. However, Thomas’s face has been overly pulled such that it threatens to tear apart at a smile. Maybe the actress is simply unlucky or she didn’t learn a lesson from her previously botched nose job.

 What about Facial Fillers?

A comparison between Thomas’s before and after pics, the difference is clear. In her before images, the actress’s body fat appeared to be decreasing and thus giving her a sunken facial appearance. Her cheeks and chin appeared to have decreased in volume. However, a sudden noticeable change seems to have taken place in her recent picture/video appearances.

The actress’s cheeks appear to be puffier and plumbed up whereas the chin area appears to be voluminous. Can nature guarantee such a miracle? It is for that reason that Thomas has been accused of using facial implants to correct the old-age flaws previously witnessed on her face.

However, it is worth noting that, due to the highly botched Botox and facelift, it’s hard to determine whether or not her facial fillers were also botched.

 Did Marlo Thomas Get a Browlift?

With age, the muscles around the eye area become weak and thus they can no longer hold tight the skin around the eyes. The result is droopy skin and wrinkles around the area. Such an appearance is the norm for almost every old person but as for Marlo Thomas, things seem to be different.

The actress seems to have gone under the surgeon’s scalpel to refine her eye area since it doesn’t show any signs of wrinkles all droopy skins. Again, even though this cosmetic procedure is known to raise the position of the eyebrows a bit, Thomas’s eyebrows seem to have remained in their original position. What could be the reason? It is the question everyone is asking. Could it be the result of a botched plastic surgery?

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It is undeniable there seems to be a big clash between what the ear has heard from the actress and what the eye can see. Even though Marlo Thomas has always denied undergoing plastic surgery, from observation, the actress’ alleged plastic surgery seems to have been botched in every manner. It is undoubtedly a big lesson to everyone who dreams of having any cosmetic procedure. Now, from where you sit, do you think the “That Girl” actress has had plastic surgery? If yes, what comments or compliments can give with regards to the procedure?


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