Masters in Robotics in USA

by Reema

In the United States, more than forty institutions offer a one-to two-year Masters’s in Robotics. Preliminary estimates place the annual cost of a US university education for an international student at USD 58,560 (tuition for top universities). That works out to more than 43 LPA per year in tuition cost.

Master’s programs in robotics in the United States often require applicants to have a competitive GRE score (300 or higher) in addition to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a relevant area. Most colleges that take part in the program accept students for the fall semester, and the best time to apply is between December and March.

American Universities

The following are some of the best schools in the United States to earn a master’s degree in robotics:

University of Pennsylvania
Institution of Higher Learning in Michigan
Northern Illinois University
The University of New York
The University of Carnegie Mellon
The Institute of Technology in Georgia
Madison, Wisconsin’s University of
The University of Boston
St. Louis’s Washington University
Southern California University
Buffalo State College
U. of New England at Storrs
University of Drexel
The University of Worcester Polytechnic

Why Get a Master’s in Robotics in the United States?

According to the BLS, the telepresence robot industry was worth USD 148.3 million in 2018.
By 2024, the robots industry is projected to increase to USD 285.4 million.

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