Masters in the United States: Colleges, Courses, Deadlines, Qualifications, and Fees

by Reema

Masters (MS) in the United States is also called MS in the USA, is a 2-year degree program that about 70% of US universities offer. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management) programs account for the majority of MS degrees in the United States. International students who want an MS often choose courses like MS in Business and Management, MS in Information Technology, MS in Computer Science, etc.

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MS in USA Top Universities

MIT is the number one university in the world. It is followed by Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, and the University of Chicago. Here is a list of the top 25 universities in the US, along with the percentage of applicants they accept for Master’s programs:

Institute of Technology in Massachusetts (MIT)
University of Stanford
University of Harvard
Institute of Technology in California (Caltech)
Chicago University
Pennsylvania University (UPenn)
Yale is a college.
University of Columbia
The University of Princeton

Why Study MS in USA?

There are more than 2 million MS courses in the US that international students can choose from. They can also earn money through the work-study program, get a permit to stay in the country after getting their MS, do research, and get merit-based scholarships to help pay.

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