Are rumors about Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery true?

by Reema
Are rumors about Meg Ryan's plastic surgery true?

Has Meg Ryan Had Plastic Surgery?

are rumors about meg ryan's plastic surgery true?

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When the name Meg Ryan is mentioned, the world of her strong fan base stands still due to her breathtaking beauty, cheerful persona, and sparkling nature that has over the years earned her the title, “America’s Sweetheart”. However, behind this beauty, there seem to be huge chunks of untold stories. From observation, it seems like some little rain has befallen Ryan’s beauty as most of her followers question the naturalness of her beauty. A section of her followers, most critics, and experts have suspected that the “When Harry Met Sally…” actress has had some artificial work done on her face in a bid to rejuvenate and refresh her appearance. It is believed that Ryan has had plastic surgery which in turn has given her a youthful appearance despite her old-age, now approaching the 60-years mark. 

Even though Ryan has always denied the allegations, from observation, the results of a surgeon’s scalpel are obvious. The “French Kisses” actress seems to have defied gravity to the highest level since nature can’t in any way guarantee such young-looking appearances for an ordinary 59-year old lady. Did she or didn’t she go under the surgeon’s knife? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

So, What Plastic Surgeries have had Meg Ryan?

A quick look at America’s Sweetheart’s nose, lips, cheeks, eyelids, neck, forehead, and generally her entire face, reveals more than nature can explain. Yes, the actress has indeed had various natural changes about her appearances over the years but again we also have to agree that some changes, especially over the last two decades or so, have gone past the natural-looks cutline. At that point is where plastic surgery has had its fair share of the story as far as the actress is concerned. It is believed that Ryan has had a series of cosmetic treatments with the most notable ones being, lip and cheek fillers, Botox, facelift, nose job, brow lift, and neck lift.

Did she have Lip Fillers?

Meg Ryan was known for her cute and innocent face, but her decision to have unnecessary surgery has transformed her appearance to look far from natural, she looks odd and almost unrecognizable. Meg’s lip is one of the most highlighted surgery procedure, she was suspected to have more than one lip augmentation in which the first lip procedure did not run well. The result was overinflated lips which make her lips look like a Joker in Batman series.

In recent years, Meg Ryan’s fans have noted subsequent changes in the shape and size of the actress’ lips. Initially, the lips appeared to be of just the normal size but as the years kept their progress, Ryan’s lips started looking a bit different. They now look fuller and plumbed and ever since the change was noticed, filler injections were suspected to have had their helping hand behind such a drastic and noticeable change. 

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Plastic surgeons have also chipped in to the matter saying that it seems like the actress has had more than one lip augmentation in which the first lip procedure did not run well. The result of the first lip augmentation procedure was over-inflated, unnaturally stiff, and broad lips which didn’t her look good at all. The procedure appeared to be botched and hence forced the actress to consider a corrective lip augmentation which according to experts, seems like she had permanent lip implants put in place. The result is that her lips this time rook less wide indicating that she went for a lip revision surgery to remove some or all the implant or having an additional filler injection such as Restylane or Collagen.

What about Cheek Fillers?

With age, the baby fat fades away decreasing the volume of cheeks giving the face a sunken appearance. Ryan’s aging curve was initially directly proportional to her appearance, especially in the cheek area. However, over the recent years, a sudden “U-Turn” seems to have changed the narrative for good. Her cheeks these days appear to be puffier and rounder than initially. Even though getting puffier cheeks might be attached to natural weight gain, can the same nature guarantee rounded cheeks? That’s the reasoning that has sparked up the cheek fillers speculations.

are rumors about meg ryan's plastic surgery true?

The speculations have also received some professional backup from Dr. Mark Youssef, a plastic surgeon from Younique Cosmetic Surgery. Youssef, in an interview with, said, “The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek. It’s definitely too much because the apple of her cheek is too full and too large. When she smiles, all of that filler moves up and makes her eyes look smaller. The reason she looks masculine is because of the placement of the volume in her cheeks. The volume of the filler should have been placed more laterally to give her a softer look.”

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 Has Meg Ryan had a Nose job?

A look at the “When a Man Loves a Woman” actress’s nose, there is much to decode for a person who has known Ryan since she entered into the acting scenes. The reason being, while nature can guarantee some other changes as one ages, it cannot change one’s shape of the nose. Initially, Ryan had a broader nose with a more rounded tip and wider nostrils. Amazingly, the same nose seems to have assumed a different shape in recent years. It looks slimmer, with a sharper nose tip and more narrow nostrils. The change is what forms the basis of rhinoplasty speculations against Meg Ryan.

are rumors about meg ryan's plastic surgery true?

Dr. Youssef again adds some more weight to these allegations saying that it is most likely that the actress has had a nose job since her nose appears to have a pinched look. “The tip of her nose is narrower than before…The tip looks more pinched, so it’s very possible that she had some sort of rhinoplasty.” The Younique Cosmetic surgery experts told

Did the Actress Undergo a Facelift or Neck Lift?

One of the old-age signs that we all can avoid is the emergence of sagging skins on both the face and neck as age advances. Ironically, there are very few droopy skins around Meg Ryan’s face and neck even at the age of 59 years now. Additionally, the skin around the jaw area seems to be well stretched and the general appearance of her face is a smooth-textured skin and younger looks. Where on other can such a miracle happen naturally to an almost 60-year old woman? The change gives every indication that facelift and neck lift have played vital roles in such looks.

are rumors about meg ryan's plastic surgery true?

Backing up the facelift allegations is Dr. Youssef who argues, “The surgery that most drastically changes the shape of the face is a facelift. It looks like Meg Ryan may have had one. It’s possible because the shape of her face has changed so much. The texture of her face also looks different. It looks like she could have had some sort of laser skin resurfacing procedure.”

 What about Botox and Blepharoplasty?

Some of the distinguishing factors between a teenage girl and a fifty-plus-year-old woman are the creases, fine lines, and wrinkles mostly evident at the old-age. Interestingly, based on these characteristics, one can easily confuse Ryan for a person in her early thirties since the initially evident wrinkles and fine lines now seem to be fading out. Additionally, her face seems to be puffier than initially. These noticeable changes have been attributed to Botox combined with fillers since natured does not guarantee this appearance at old age.

“There’s definitely volume in her lips as well, and Botox on her forehead. She’s had too much Botox in the forehead, and as a result, the eyes look smaller because it drops the position of the eyebrow.” Youssef says.

It is also believed that Blepharoplasty has also had its helping hands towards the actress’s youthful looks since her upper eyelids now appear a little bit fuller than before. It is speculated that Ryan plucked off the skin from her upper eyelids through Blepharoplasty and the difference is easily seen when you compare her before and after images. 


It is true that Meg Ryan has always denied all the plastic surgery speculations leveled against her. The ears might have captured it wrong but the eyes will never disappoint. Open wide your eyes and look into the matter. What can you see? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.




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