Megan Fox plastic surgery | Do you think Megan Fox has had plastic surgery?

Megan Fox plastic surgery | Do you think Megan Fox has had plastic surgery?

by Reema
Do you think Megan Fox has had plastic surgery?

Has Megan Fox had Plastic Surgery?

do you think megan fox has had plastic surgery?

megan fox

Megan fox plastic surgery knows about recently why did Megan fox get plastic surgery compliments for Megan Fox up when she rose to stardom. At first, it was for her success in the film industry, especially for the film, “Transformer” where she played Mikaela Banes.

However, as time went by, the wave of discussion shifted from being appraisals to digging deeper into her appearance.

After a long time of critically observing Megan Fox, a section of her followers has doubted the naturalness of her beauty. And these doubts have sparked up plastic surgery rumors and speculations against the actress.

True, it is undeniable that Mikaela Banes of “Transformers” is originally beautiful, but again the cutline between natural beauty and artificial beauty is truly clear. As for Megan Fox’s beauty, they have accredited it plastic surgery to enhance her appearance over the last decade or so.

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What Plastic Surgeries has had Her?

Just like many other celebrities out there, Megan Fox has always lived in denial of plastic surgery. However, despite her denial, we believe that the eyes have never disappointed, and it’s through observation that we have speculated the model to have had a nose job, lip and cheek fillers, Botox, chemical peels, and breast augmentation at least.

do you think megan fox has had plastic surgery?

 Did Megan Fox Have a Nose job?

It is only through comparison and contraction that a meaningful conclusion can be drawn. Presented with Megan Fox’s earlier on and recent pics, there are many differences to note.

The most obvious of all is her nose. It doesn’t just look as it was some decade ago. Initially, Fox’s nose was wider, and she had a cleft, a vertical dent, at the front tip of her nose. Even though the nose looked good and normal to us, it seemed not to have pleased the actress and hence she opted to modify it surgically.

The reason why rhinoplasty is accredited for the noticeable changes right at the center of Fox’s face is that, from her recent appearances, the actress’s nose looks slimmer, with a more prominent nasal bridge and tip.

While the tip of her nose can be explained by a non-surgical filler such as Radiesse or Restylane, the thinning of her nose, has been attached to a surgical reshaping of the underlying cartilage.

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Did the Actress go for Filler injections?

First things first, let’s have a quick look at Megan Fox’s lips. Aren’t they juicy, sexy, and attractive? But wait a minute, are they 100% natural? Let’ stake a few leaps back, take her earlier on the pic and compare it with a recent one. In her “prior-to” pic, the lips look thin and normal.

The most obvious change in her “after” image is that the same lips now appear to be plumbed and fuller. Additionally, from her previous pics, Fox’s upper lip appears to be thinner than the lower one. The lip seemed to have been so thin that mostly she had her teeth exposed.

In her recent pics, however, Fox’s mouth seems to have undergone a change that no makeup or lipstick can explain. This time around her mouth is completely proportional.

Her upper and lower lip are the same size. The issue has had experts chip in and after keen observation, they have speculated that the actress most like used the Restylane or Juvederm Ultra type of fillers to attain such a new look for her lips. It is believed that Fox applied both lip liner and lip fillers 

Did Her Cheeks Get Some Fillers?

A glimpse at Megan Fox’s cheeks is worth a thousand-plus words. A comparison between her images especially before 2010 and after then exposes more than an ordinary eye can see. While cheek fillers are mostly used to cover up sagging or flattened cheeks to make one look younger, Fox’s cheek fillers didn’t give very satisfying results.

They have speculated that the actress might have used excess fillers since her face appears much wider with very pronounced cheeks making her appear to be much older than her real age. 

Again plastic surgery experts have weighed into the matter and have argued that Fox most likely used Juvederm Ultra Plus or Juvederm Voluma fillers.

Has Megan Fox had Chemical Peels?

While improved technology has brought in cameras that are capable of hiding one’s imperfections, for Fox the difference in her before and after images are highly distinguishable. Initially, her skin expressed a normal skin surface with unevenness, pockmarks, and raised spots.

While makeup can do wonders on one’s skin, there are certain perfections it cannot guarantee. It is for this reason that Fox’s blemish-free porcelain facial skin raises everyone’s eyebrows while at the same time opening the window for chemical peel speculations.

In other speculations, the actress is accused to have had microdermabrasion, a physical exfoliation.

do you think megan fox has had plastic surgery?

Did she have Breast Augmentation?

This is yet another cosmetic procedure that has taken a center stage in as far as Megan Fox’s plastic surgery is concerned. From comparing her before and after pics, the difference is clear. From when she entered the acting scenes, through her early career years, her cleavage didn’t seem to raise concern.

The chest was just small and normal-looking. Off late, however, Fox has shocked almost everyone with her voluminous, round, and seemingly tighter chest. The change has straightaway been accredited to breast augmentation since it appears to be more of an artificial process than a natural change.


Neither rumors nor speculations on megan fox before and after plastic surgery appear to move Megan Fox into admitting the plastic surgery allegations pinned on her. She has always denied them and does not show any signs of confessing the same any soon.

That way, we are left with one option, which is, to open wide our eyes. So, megan fox before plastic surgery from observation, what can you see? has megan fox had plastic surgery or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.

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