Did Meghan Markle have a plastic surgery?

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Did Meghan Markle have a plastic surgery?

Has Meghan Markle had Plastic Surgery?

did meghan markle have a plastic surgery?

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Just by a mention of the name Meghan Markle, three things click at the back of our minds, that is, Duchess of Sussex, super actress, and real beauty. Though the former actress has been in the limelight for long enough, she became a major subject of discussion in 2016 when started dating Prince Harry. It was the moment she melted down the internet with her romantic relationship with the prince being the most searched subject on the internet.

Consequently, from digging deeper into her personal life, her physical appearance wasn’t left out as her beauty rose almost everyone’s eyebrows. And as whispers grew into gossip and then the widely-spread rumors, Meghan Markle found herself having a fair share of the plastic surgery story. Though she has never publicly said a thing concerning the rumors, it has been speculated that the Duchess of Sussex has various cosmetic treatments to boost her beauty. Has she hasn’t she? Let’s find out.

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 What Plastic Surgeries has had Meghan Markle?

Although the ears may lie, the eyes don’t disappoint, and that’s why it took observation to notice the difference between Markle’s earlier looks and her recent looks, especially the time became a member of the British royal family. A look at Markle’s nose, teeth, boobs, and generally the face, indications of rhinoplasty, veneers, boob job, fillers, and Botox at least meet us at first sight. Markle doesn’t just look 100% natural. Her popularity as a member of the British royal family has placed her at the center-stage of the plastic surgery rumors.

 Has Meghan Markle had Veneers or Braces?

A picture is worth a thousand words and a look at Markle’s dental alignment in both her earlier on and recent pics, seems to reveal more than a thousand words. Back in the days when she was a young lass, as revealed by her before pic, Markle’s teeth were evident of quite big enough spaces in between them. However, over the years, the old seems to have faded away ushering in a new Markle who now has a million-watt smile that makes her a globally loved and admired person. The spaces that previously dominated her dental alignment are no longer there and if you are wondering what miracle could have led to this, her followers and more so experts will point at veneers and braces as the catalyst behind Markle’s beautiful smile. These gaps are now eliminated and since naturally, such a transformation isn’t possible, veneers and braces have been highly accredited as the cosmetic treatments behind it.

did meghan markle have a plastic surgery?

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 Did Markle Go for Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one cosmetic procedure that seems to have triggered a heated debate amongst Markle’s followers as some believe that she had a nose job while another section of followers believe that the former actress’ nose looks just natural. From the experts’ desk, it is argued that Prince Harry’s wife has had some subtle work done on her nose. The speculation on nose job is based on a comparison between Markle’s earlier pic and her recent one. Initially, the former actress had a slightly broad nose bridge and the nose tip pointed slightly downwards. In her recent appearances, however, the nose bride seems to be narrower while the nose tip appears to be slightly elevated pointing upwards. The changes are so subtle that they can easily be missed out by non-experts. This is neither a miracle nor the forces of nature but with a rhinoplasty, it is very possible.

 What about Botox, Fillers, and Laser Treatments?

Meghan Markle’s forehead is the center of all Botox allegations pinned on her. Markle, now aged 39, makes many wonders how possible it is to naturally maintain such as a flawless forehead. The actress lacks wrinkles and fine lines and expression marks on her forehead and generally the entire face. The baby-face kind of an appearance is what makes many speculate the big “B” for lending a helping hand to the former actress. Again, this procedure seems to be subtle and done with high levels of professionalism.

did meghan markle have a plastic surgery?

In addition, experts have argued that Markle’s Botox was laced with some fillers since her face appears to be broader than her usual appearance. Her cheeks too seem puffier and all the normal unevenness of the face appears to have been corrected. While a section of followers attributes natural weight gain to the puffy face, it is also worth noting that it is impossible to naturally achieve such an even face with no flaws. 

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Some experts have also weighed into the whole plastic surgery matter and suspected that Markle could also have used some laser treatments and chemical peels to make her skin softer, more appealing, and even lighter.

“We all agree that she most likely had some nasal reshaping when she was much younger, but this photo comparison over the past several years doesn’t show too much of the dramatic. I suspect some maintenance botox to keep her forehead smooth and some skin treatments with lasers or chemical peels, but I do not think the royal has gone under the knife recently,” says Dr. Matthew Schulman, New York City Plastic Surgeon.

 Did Meghan have a Boob Augmentation?

When she first entered the acting scenes, Meghan Markle’s busty was rather small and it forced her to wear revealing clothes such as push-up bras to accentuate it for gigs like, “Deal or no Deal”. It is believed that Markle underwent a boob job to boost a cleavage with the sole intention of winning the hearts of her viewers in the film industry. The breast augmentation speculations are anchored on the observation that Markle’s breasts looked bigger, fuller, and rounder long before she became a mother. Now that the noticeable change was evident before she was a mother, breast augmentation has been accredited and not hormonal changes as some argue.


Even in the midst of all the plastic surgery rumors around her, Meghan Markle has preferred silence as her best reaction. She has never uttered a word with regards to the plastic surgery allegations pinned on her even in her days as an actress. Now that she is the Duchess of Sussex, the probability of making confessions on her plastic surgery allegations is even lower. That leaves us with only one option and that’s to open wide our eyes to determine whether or not the former actress has had plastic surgery. That having been said, what do you think? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.


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