Are rumours about Mindy Kaling’s plastic surgery true?

by Reema
Are rumours about Mindy Kaling's plastic surgery true?

Has Mindy Kaling had Plastic Surgery?

are rumours about mindy kaling's plastic surgery true?

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It is undeniable that Mindy Kaling’s performance before the camera seems to be improving episode after episode, film after another placing her name at the peak of Hollywood. As her acting skills improve after every other appearance, so does her beauty.

Her followers have noticed that her appearances have changed a lot since she first laid her feet into the acting scenes. While the comedian has in the past revealed she is a big fan of makeup, her followers don’t seem to acknowledge it for the changes in her appearances. And while a small section of her fans attaches the appearance changes to the forces of nature, a majority on the other side seem to have drawn a very clear cutline between natural and artificial appearance changes. It is believed that “The Office” actress has had plastic surgery which has, in turn, helped her boost her looks since she doesn’t look exactly as she did at the time she kicked off her career. 

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However, even with all the rumours and speculations surrounding the comedian, she has never gone public either admitting or denying the allegations. Even if Kaling went under the surgeon’s scalpel to boost her appearances, who doesn’t know that plastic surgery has been so trendy among Hollywood celebrities? Is she the odd one not take the route? Kaling belongs to a very competitive sphere where a person is perceived by own appearance but not for abilities. Did she or didn’t she go for plastic surgery? Let’s find out

What Plastic Surgeries did Mindy Kaling Undergo?

are rumours about mindy kaling's plastic surgery true?

For a person who has kept a close track of “The Office” series, it won’t be hard to tell the appearance changes evident on the star. Just by a look at the then versus the now Kaling, the first most obvious change is that the actress’s skin appears to be lighter than initially. This forms the basis of the very first plastic surgery speculations, that the change could have been catalyzed by chemical peels. Other speculations are that Mindy Kaling might have gotten the helping hands of Botox, Fillers, and a nose job. 

 Did Mindy Kaling have Chemical Peels?

A comparison of Kaling’s earlier on versus recent photo is the surest test to find out whether or not the actress’s skin has changed. Going the comparison way, it is undeniable that Mindy Kaling seems to have much lighter skin than she had initially.

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This is the most obvious observable change that meets you whenever you give a glimpse to The Office’s actress. While makeup is capable of temporarily improving the appearance of the skin, its impact has limits. On the other hand, nature has no known history of making one lighter than they were original. Having gone the elimination way, the only explanation to Kaling’s change of skin appearance can be left up to plastic surgery, chemical peels to be specific. In her recent photo and video appearances, Kaling’s skin appears to be so spotless and admirably light, thanks to the chemical peels.

are rumours about mindy kaling's plastic surgery true?

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 Has she had Fillers?

Mindy Kaling has been in the spotlight for long enough for her followers to note even the slightest changes in her looks. A comparison between the then versus the now Kaling, something doesn’t seem to add up. Her lips and particularly the upper one don’t look normal at all. They seem to have undergone some metamorphosis making them appear to be fuller and plumbed. Previously, as portrayed by her before pics, the upper lip appeared to be slim and just normal but as the years advance, that old observation seems to have faded away. The change has not been accredited to maternal hormonal changes since it happened way long before the birth of her first-born. And since nature doesn’t owe us an explanation for that, our focus is shifted to lip fillers. They seem to have catalyzed the noticeable changes behind the actress’ upper lip.

 Does Kaling Show any Signs of Botox or Browlift?

As her on-screen performance improves day by day so does she seem to be getting younger? While most of her followers, especially ladies, admire her smooth, flawless, tight skin, it has taken a centre-stage with regard to plastic surgery discussions. At the age of 41 years now, no wrinkles, no expression marks, no fine lines, just a flawless baby face is what seems to have raised everyone’s eyebrows. Mindy Kaling seems to have defied gravity to the highest level to achieve such a look. The big “B”, Botox seems to have played its role so perfectly that the actress has become such an adorable icon of admiration. 

Additionally, Kaling seems to have had some brow lift since her eyebrows appear to be located slightly higher than they were originally positioned on her face.

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 Has she had a Rhinoplasty?

This has become one of the most debatable cosmetic procedures in as far as Mindy Kaling’s cosmetic procedures are concerned. Her followers seem to be so divided on the matter as one section sees no change on her nose, another group and especially experts believed Kaling has had a nose job. The rhinoplasty allegations are based on the observation that Kaling’s nose appears to be slightly pinched around the nostrils. The nasal bridge appears to be slightly sharper and more prominent than initially and the nose tip seems to be slightly elevated. Experts argue that if at all Kaling had a nose job, then it must have been a subtle treatment that must have been done so professionally. 

are rumours about mindy kaling's plastic surgery true?


No matter how heavily the plastic surgery rumours might have hit her, Mindy Kaling has chosen to retaliate with silence. Her silence has in turn triggered rumours, gossip, and speculations as followers dig deeper to establish the truth of the matter on their own. As a follower of Mindy Kaling, do you agree or disagree with the plastic surgery allegations pinned on her and why? Kindly share your thoughts with regards to Mindy Kaling’s plastic surgery.

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