Details about Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery you didn’t know

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Nancy Pelosi

Has Nancy Pelosi had Plastic Surgery?

nancy pelosi

nancy pelosi

With popularity comes responsibility. It is undeniable that Nancy Pelosi is one of the high-profile female politicians America has ever had. With her worldwide popularity is not surprising to ensure some good responsibility for her looks especially during this era when plastic surgery has become so trendy among American politicians. As the plastic surgery stories go around iconic politicians in the world, Pelosi isn’t left out since it is speculated that she is also a beneficiary of the same. At the age of 80 now but she doesn’t show any signs of aging is the main reason behind all the plastic surgery speculations pinned on her. Most of her followers and experts argue that Pelosi’s looks don’t reflect her real age. She seems to be defying gravity since she looks younger. She is too old to have such a youthful appearance and hence she has taken a center-stage in the whole plastic surgery story. 

 What Plastic Surgeries has had Nancy Pelosi?

nancy pelosi

Though she never laid to rest the plastic surgery rumors around her by either admitting or denying, it is believed that she must have gotten some helping hand from the surgeon’s scalpel. Pelosi has had a fair share of plastic surgery speculations ranging from Botox to facelift, neck lift, eye lift, and breast augmentation. Renowned plastic surgeons such as Dr. Anthony Youn have also supported the allegations saying that Pelosi seems to have slowed down her aging by going under the surgeon’s knife. “A woman her age shouldn’t look that good. It appears that she has had a good amount of surgery … probably an eyelid lift and even a facelift,” Dr. Anthony Youn told

Has she had Botox?

It is natural for one to develop wrinkles, fine lines, and other expression marks as he/she grows old. However, with Nancy Pelosi, the narrative seems to be different. Her forehead looks so flawless with no signs of wrinkles or fine lines. You and I know that it is not normal for an ordinary 80-year-old to have such an appearance. To look this youthful, Pelosi must have gotten the help of the big “B”, Botox, which in turn eliminated the facial marks associated with the old-age. Experts have argued the Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives might have parted with some colossal amounts of money to attain such a perfect youthful look. 

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Besides, it is believed that Pelosi’s Botox might have been accompanied by some fillers since her face looks broader and puffier these days than it was some years back.

 What about Facelift, Neck lift, and Eyelift?

Age comes with its changes and one such common change is the loosening of the skin especially around the body and the neck. Though Pelosi has never confessed undergoing any kind of lift, her looks in recent years seem to have put everything in black and white. As for her face for instance, there every indicator of a facelift since she doesn’t have any sagging skins that were evident initially. This time around the facial skin appears to have been tightened up with the jaw area looking a little bit stretched up. This appearance is dependent on a facelift since naturally, a typical 80-year old person can’t look that youthful.

It is also speculated Nancy Pelosi probably has had a neck lift as well. This allegation is purely based on observation. Initially, as evident in her before pics, the Speaker had droopy skins around the neck area. However, over the years, these old looks seem to have faded away ushering in a new look characteristic of the absence of the sagging skins. This is neither miraculous nor natural but owes an explanation to a neck lift.

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A picture is worth a thousand words and an extreme close-up shot of Pelosi’s eye area tells more than just a story. In her previous images, Pelosi’s eye area showed some wrinkles. However, in her recent appearances, the wrinkles appear to have been erased out. This noticeable change is what has triggered eye lift allegations on her with her majority of her followers applauding her surgeon for the perfect work they have done.

 Has Nancy Pelosi had Breast Augmentation?

One would be tempted to ask why a lady would the age of Nancy Pelosi need a boob job. Surprisingly, from observation, it most likely that Pelosi had breast augmentation. From her before pics, Pelosi’s busty appears to be smaller as opposed to her recent images where the same cleavage appears to be boosted. It is bigger and elevated than it was initially. This, straight away invites breast augmentation speculations since, normally, as one age, the boobs naturally shrink and become saggy, which is not the case with Nancy Pelosi.


Just like many other high profile people, Nancy Pelosi has preferred to keep her alleged plastic surgery out of the public domain by going, mum. However, her silence doesn’t in any way prevent us from opening wide our eyes and making our judgments. For that reason, therefore, what are your thoughts concerning the whole issue?

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