About Nicole Kidman

nicole kidman before and after plastic surgery

Nicole Mary Kidman is the full name of Nicole Kidman, an Australian producer, and actress. Her acting career began in 1983 but got a breakthrough in 1989 with the release of the thriller film Dead Calm where she featured as the main character. Some of her works in the film industry include Cold Mountain (2003)), The Paperboy of 2012, and Destroyer (2018) among others. She has been featured in various television roles including HBO’S Hemingway & Gellhorn of 2012 and the Big Little Lies which ran between 2017 and 2019. She has won several awards such as Golden Globe Awards (five times), Primetime Emmy Awards (two times), and a one-time winner of the Academy Award among other awards.

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Nicole Kidman’s Early Life

nicole kidman before and after plastic surgery
A young Nicole Kidman

Nicole is the daughter of Janelle Ann and Antony Kidman. She was born on the 20th of June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii to a mother who is a nursing instructor and a father who is a clinical psychologist-cum biochemist. Growing up in Sydney, Kidman attended Lane Cove Public School before joining North Sydney Girls’ High School. All through her studies in primary and high schools, Nicole Kidman enrolled in the ballet where she showed her extraordinary acting talent. She later attended the Phillip Street Theatre and the Australian Theatre for Young People where she furthered her acting studies.

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Nicole Kidman’s career

In 1983 when Nicole was just 16, she made her first screen appearance in the film Bush Christmas and by the end of the same year, she had earned herself a supporting role in the Five Mile Creek television series. Kidman’s career in the film industry started gaining popularity in the mid-1980s after featuring in movies like Wind rider (1986) and the Vietnam mini-series of 1987. Between the years 1995 and 2005 Nicole gained worldwide recognition after doing the superhero film, Batman Forever as well as the comedy, To Die For. Her career has ever since been growing up to recent days Nicole Kidman. Kidman’s journey up her career has been characterized by winning different Awards such as the Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards among other awards.

Nicole Kidman’s Family Life

Nicole Kidman is allegedly said to have dated several men such as Tom Burlinson, Marcus Graham, and Windrider among others before marrying Tom Cruise, her fellow actor.

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nicole kidman before and after plastic surgery
Nicole and Tom Cruise

They together had an adopted daughter and son by the names Jane Cruise and Connor Antony. They later divorced in the year 2001. Following their divorce, Nicole Kidman moved on to date Keith Urban, a country singer. They got married on the 26th of June 2006 and since then they have lived together. Kidman and Urban have two daughters going by the names Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

nicole kidman before and after plastic surgery
Nicole and Keith

Nicole Kidman’s Net worth

Nicole Kidman has several has been listed among the highest-paid actresses. As of May 2020, Kidman’s estimated net worth was $120 million. This is directly linked to her major success in the film industry over the years.

Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery

Nicole is an iconic actress whose beauty commands the attention of her worldwide audience. The drastic changes on her face, lips, and hair have however sparked speculations that the Oscar-winning actress might have undergone plastic surgery. Rumors have it that she must have at least done Botox.

nicole kidman before and after plastic surgery
Nicole Kidman before and after

Even though Nicole Kidman has maintained that her youthful looks are a result of living a healthy life and not plastic surgery. She often pledged allegiance to exercise and avoiding the system as the key drivers towards her wrinkles, non-saggy, and youthful looks. However, comparing the 1983 Kidman and the 2020 Kidman noticeable changes from her naturally curly hair to long straight hair of a different color, plumper cheeks and lips have fueled the conclusion that she must have used Botox and injectable fillers as well.

nicole kidman's plastic surgery transformation -- top docs claim 'facelift  & fillers' to blame
Before and after


What is your take on Nicole Kidman’s controversial plastic surgery story? Do you think her youthful look is a result of taking good care of herself, avoiding smoking, and regularly exercising as she plainly claims? Share your thoughts.

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