Olivia Munn shocking plastic surgery details

by Reema

Did Olivia Munn Have Plastic Surgery?

olivia munn shocking plastic surgery details

olivia munn

Plastic surgery has been the new norm among most celebrities for decades now. Some of the old prefer it as a way of rejuvenating a youthful appearance, the young are doing it to modify their natural appearance. However, it is unfortunate for celebrity followers since most of them have the tendency of not revealing their plastic surgery details thereby giving them a hard time of having to speculate on what cosmetic procedure was done and which one wasn’t.

Olivia Munn is no exception to the plastic surgery speculation pot.  In recent years, the actress’s beauty triggered a lot of murmurs that eventually grew into the widespread rumors linking her to plastic surgery. And just like many other celebrities, Munn has constantly denied the allegations saying that our looks have always been natural and that all she has been using is the normal makeup.

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“I posted the picture on Instagram because the glam team had worked very hard. People were like, ‘What did she do to her face?’ A week later, I looked completely different… As an actor, you can be completely transformative and take on different roles. As an individual in the world, it’s a different story… As an actor, you can be completely transformative and take on different roles. As an individual in the world, it’s a different story.” The actress distanced herself from the plastic surgery allegations.

However, a section of her followers believe more in their eyes than their ears and have stood their ground that the model must have gone under the surgeon’s knife. Now that her sentiments appear to be clashing with those of her followers, the big question remains, has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Let’s find out

What do Speculations Say about Olivia Munn’s Plastic Surgery?

From observation, Olivia Munn seems to have changed a lot. Her change in appearance has been attributed to plastic surgery since it appears to have gone beyond nature’s explanation. Even though “The Newsroom” actress has maintained that she is 100% natural, a detailed look at her face, lips, and busty give every indication of plastic surgery, Botox, fillers, and boob job at least.

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Has Olivia Munn had Botox?

As one ages, fine lines, wrinkles, and even expression lines become evident on his/her face. However, this is not the case with the “Attack of the Show” co-host as she appears to have a flawless forehead even as her age advances. Her forehead is smooth and tight as that one of a baby. What miracle can do that? To find out the truth of the matter we compare and contrast her past and present pics.

olivia munn shocking plastic surgery details

As picture is worth a thousand words, so do we get more than just a story from Munn’s past versus present images. In her past images, Munn’s forehead appeared to be rough and full of flaws. It looked real and proportional to her age. However, in her recent pics, the model, seems to have developed some noticeable changes. The old rough forehead is gone and her forehead skin now appears to have been tightened up. This has been accredited to the big “B” since it is the cosmetic procedure known to do such wonders that are beyond nature’s explanation.

Has she had Breast Augmentation?

This cosmetic procedure got most of her followers thinking, why would she go for a boob job yet her original cleavage looked just okay? Though again the television personality has denied these allegations, most of her followers seem to be dead sure that the actress must have artificially interfered with her busty. From the comparison of her old versus recent pics, the breasts seem to have become noticeably voluminous, and rounder. This serves as the first spark into the boob job allegations. The change has not been linked to maternal hormonal changes since Munn has never given birth and therefore this cannot be counted as one of the reasons behind her fuller chest.

While nature might account for the voluminous busty, it cannot account for the rounder shape witnessed in recent days. That being the case, boob job stands out as the only “Mr. Fix It “for such a change.

olivia munn shocking plastic surgery details

It is believed that Munn’s breast augmentation decision was purely out of peer pressure or the market demand.

Does Munn Go for Filler Injections?

Initially, Munn’s Lips were not an area of discussion with regards to plastic surgery. However, following the actress’s recent Instagram posts, the lips took a center-stage of the plastic surgery speculations. In her past pics, the lips appeared to be thin and just normal. However, in her recent appearances, the actress’s lips appear to have grown bigger, and fuller. Again these cannot be linked to hormonal imbalances since she has never given birth. Neither can nature explain it. That being the case, we suspect, one cosmetic procedure is capable of working such wonders, lip filler injections to be specific.

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Final Word

Olivia Munn is the only person who can prove whether or not she went under the surgeon’s knife to change her appearance. However, since she has always denied having had plastic surgery, the only way we can arrive at a meaningful conclusion is through observation and comparison of her before and recent images. So, after thoroughly scrutinizing her before and after pics, what conclusion can you make? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Kindly share your thoughts.

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