Fresh details about Ozzy Osbourne’s plastic surgery

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Fresh details about Ozzy Osbourne's plastic surgery

Has Ozzy Osbourne had Plastic Surgery?

fresh details about ozzy osbourne's plastic surgery

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We live in a world where plastic surgery has become the new norm. The trend has been cutting across almost all age brackets as young are using it to modify their appearances whereas the old dwell on various cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate their looks. That being the case, it is not news to hear senior citizens such as Ozzy Osbourne being dragged into the center-stage of plastic surgery. Now 71 years old Osbourne has had his perfect share of plastic surgery speculations over the last one and a half-decade.

The basis of the plastic surgery speculations was that the musician appeared to be getting younger as his years advanced. He seemed to be playing some reversed psychology to his followers as he appeared to become more youthful while in the real sense he is an old man. 

This is what got fans, critiques, experts to speculate that the Black Sabbath lead vocalist might have had some cosmetic work done on him. Has he or hasn’t he gone under the knife? Let’s find out

 What Plastic Surgeries did Ozzy Osbourne Undergo?

Celebrities are known to be very good at denying being beneficiaries of plastic surgery even when the entire world knows they have had various procedures. Some other celebrities simply go mum about the whole issue of plastic surgery, all in an effort to avoid being judged differently by their followers. It has been speculated that Ozzy Osbourne has had the helping hand of at least three cosmetic procedures including Botox, facelift, and rhinoplasty. 

Just like many other celebrities out there, Osbourne preferred to keep his cosmetic treatments a secret thereby giving his followers a hard time determining whether or not the singer has had the alleged procedures. However, after his wife Sharon Arden went through plastic surgery that gave her positive results, Osbourne was inspired to reveal his plastic surgery details. Of the three speculated plastic surgeries, the Black Sabbath vocalist gave a nod to the latter two, facelift and rhinoplasty. 

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During his confession, the singer said, “It boosted my confidence no end. I’ve had a face job and a new nose.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s Facelift

We all know that as one grows old, the facial skin becomes loose and the result is saggy skin. The now 71 years old Ozzy Osbourne is no exception since his previous photos of the time he was in his early fifties reveal that his face had droopy skin. However, what amazed many before his confession for having had a facelift was how the sagging skins suddenly disappeared from his face giving him a youthful appearance in his later appearances. The skin appeared to be smooth and tight and thus triggered the speculations that the Black Sabbath vocalist must have a facelift to achieve such a look since such an appearance was beyond nature’s explanation. 

fresh details about ozzy osbourne's plastic surgery

ozzy osbourne

After many years of whispering, and spreading rumors about the singer’s alleged facelift, finally, Osbourne came to silence the long speculations by admitting that he has had a facelift which refreshed his appearance giving him youthful looks.

 Ozzy Osbourne’s Rhinoplasty

A nose job is the other cosmetic procedure Ozzy Osbourne confessed to having. Prior to his confession, rumors and speculations had dominated the air linking the “Diary of a Madman” singer to a nose job. From his “prior-to” pics, his nose appeared to have had a broad base and wide nostrils. After the rhinoplasty, however, the same nose took a different shape. As evident in his recent appearances, the nose appears to be pinched up a bit, the nostrils are narrower and the nose tip is slightly sharper.

The noticeable change is what had seen the singer’s followers link him to a nose job even before he had admitted to the cosmetic procedure. The underlying reason for the speculations was that nature couldn’t in any way guarantee such a ‘metamorphosis’.

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Most of his followers have however reacted after his rhinoplasty confession saying that his nose was much more attractive before the cosmetic procedure than after. According to this lot of followers, Osbourne’s pre-rhinoplasty nose very well matched his face, and therefore a nose job was unnecessary for him.

 Has Ozzy Osbourne had Botox?

Although his followers have speculated that the singer might have gotten the helping hand of the big “B”, Botox, Osbourne has never admitted to walking the path. However, eyes being more reliable than the ears, we are going to put our sense of sight into practice in determining whether or not the singer has had Botox. Taking a keen comparison into his previous versus present pics, the difference is easily visible. Initially, Osbourne’s forehead had wrinkles and fine lines. Creases were another observable feature as well. 

However, to the surprise of many, such flaws seem to have faded away as the singer grew older. Osbourne has changed so drastically assuming a more youthful look with the absence of wrinkles, fine lines, and creases on his face. This observation is what triggered the now wide-spread Botox rumor. Adding more weight into the Botox allegations were the facts that sections of his face appear to be totally unnatural and the face appears to be generally puffier than before.

 Final word

Even though it took him time to admit that he has had plastic surgery, Ozzy Osbourne deserves a round of applause for admitting that he went under the surgeon’s knife since not many celebrities dare to do so. However, besides his confession, followers still feel that the singer never unveiled everything about his plastic surgery details. That being the case, we can’t just close the conversation without getting your views concerning Ozzy Osbourne’s plastic surgery. What do you have in mind with regards to Ozzy Osbourne’s plastic surgery? Kindly leave your opinion.


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