Pamela Alexandra before and after plastic surgery?

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About Pamela Alexandra

Pamela Alexandra is a Brazilian model and a banker who is well known for capturing the attention of over 4 million Instagram followers. Alexandra is a half-cast daughter to a Brazilian mother and a Swiss father who often and successfully has been promoting big brands on her social media accounts. The 32-year-old model-cum banker has worked for various financial institutions before shifting her focus to full-time insta-modelling. Alexandra’s curvaceous physique, sexy looks, and curly hair have seen her make a living since she has turned out to be every advertiser’s choice in matters to do with fashion and lifestyle.

Pamela Alexandra’s Early Life

Pamela Alexandra is a mixed-ethnicity model who was born on the 31st of October 1988 to a Brazilian mother and a Swiss father. Alexandra, who prefers to keep most of her private information secrecy, is said to have developed a passion for fashion and modelling at a tender age. Although her parents, just like any other parents, were strict, they gave her what she needed as a child, including supporting her dreams. Pamela graduated as a banker where she worked for different financial institutions before turning into a full-time social media model.

Pamela Alexandra’s Relationship/ Family Life

Once it comes to relationships and family life, again Pamela Alexandra has remained mum on the issue. Even though at the moment Alexandra is reported to be single, some of her close allies have disclosed that she has dated severally in the past. During an interview, however, Pamela went on record, revealing that she is not the type of girl who goes after wealthy and handsome men. She proved to be unique since, according to her, all she needs from a man is respect. Yes, respect her and appreciate what she does.

Pamela Alexandra’s Career

Professionally, Pamela Alexandra is a banker who has, over time, turned into modelling. Alexandra uses her alluring beauty to showcase her insta-modelling. Through her curvaceous body figure, wavy brown hair, and brown eyes, Pamela has commanded a social media following of over 4 million fans who have reciprocated a handsome pay to the model in terms of commissions. Alexandra mainly earns through; ad campaigns, photoshoots, and brand endorsement among other ventures.

What is Pamela Alexandra’s Net Worth?

Pamela Alexandra’s wealth in terms of cars, mansions, and general income from the banking and modelling industries is alleged to range between $700k and $1 million.

Pamela Alexandra Plastic Surgery

Pamela Alexandra is indeed a definition of true beauty. Talk of her healthy booty, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and her 5.6 feet height, and you will draw everyone’s attention. However, the outstanding model has sparked numerous speculations from her very own fans, with the big question being whether her beauty is natural or it is courtesy of plastic surgery!

It’s has been alleged that for Pamela Alexandra to remain the outstanding model she is in the competitive modelling industry, she must have gone through the knife. Though Pamela has neither claimed nor denied the accusations concerning her plastic surgery, butt augmentation, boob job, and laser treatments would be the surest bet on her beauty. Experts have affirmed the allegations saying that Alexandra’s bootylicious figure results from butt augmentation, whereas her wavy brown hair owes allegiance to laser treatment.

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It is inevitable to say that Pamela Alexandra is a true beauty who has embraced modern technology by being a social media model. However, her fans seem to sail through thick darkness for determining whether this beauty is natural or artificial. What are your views concerning the same? Kindly share your thoughts.

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