What you need to know about Park Bom plastic surgery

by Reema

Has Park Bom had Plastic Surgery?

what you need to know about park bom plastic surgery

park bom

Park Bom is undeniably one of the most successful musicians the world has ever had. Her career success is even complimented by her breathtaking beauty which has truly made her an icon of admiration over the years. However, from another point of view, the same beauty has raised most people’s eyebrows with a good number of her followers doubting its naturalness. Since the “You and I” hitmaker has been in the limelight for long enough now, it’s been a walk in the park for her die-hard fans, critics, and even plastic surgery experts to notice some changes in her appearances. While this section of followers is aware that nature is capable of influencing changes in physical appearances, they have suspected plastic surgery as the catalyst behind Bom’s altered appearance. They seem to clearly have drawn a cutline between natural beauty and artificial beauty. Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Well, let’s find out.

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 What Plastic Surgeries has had Park Bom?

Park Bom has never publicly addressed the plastic surgery rumors directed to her. For this reason, her followers have continued to make speculations on the possible plastic surgeries that might have had had the musician. The speculations are purely based on Bom’s before and after pics. It is from such comparison that the “Don’t Cry” singer has found herself at the center stage of plastic surgery rumors. Just by a look at the then versus the now Park Bom, plastic surgery is the first thing that will click into your head. It is believed that the 2NE1 member has had chin augmentation, two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, lip fillers, facelift, face reshaping, and breast augmentation, at least.

 Did she have a Nose job?

Anyone who has known Party Bom since she entered the music industry will tell you that her nose has changed a bit. Her past video appearances and pictures show that her nose used to be big and bulbous. The nose bridge and tip were not so prominent. In her recent images, however, Bom’s nose seems to have undergone some serious metamorphosis giving it a new slim and sharper appearance. The nose bridge is narrower and more prominent now while the nose tip is well defined. These changes go beyond nature’s explanation and hence they have been attributed to rhinoplasty. Thanks to the cosmetic procedure for now Park Bom looks more feminine and beautiful. Experts have argued that Bom has gone through multiple nose jobs to attain this perfect final appearance. 

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 Has the Singer had Blepharoplasty?

what you need to know about park bom plastic surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty has turned out to be the most discussed and obvious plastic surgery with regards to Park Bom. It is the first sight that meets you whenever you have a glance at her. We all know that Bom is a South Korean and naturally most Koreans are known to have small eyelids. The same is the case when you have a look at the earlier photos. She had small eyelids that made her eyes appear to be smaller. However, as the years went by, the old observation faded away ushering in a new Park Bom with broadened eyelids. Bom’s eyes now seem to be bigger than their initial size. This change is neither natural nor miraculous but it can best be explained by blepharoplasty. Besides, it is believed that the musician has had double eyelid surgery which has worked wonders enhancing her beauty. She doesn’t just resemble a typical Korean.

 What about Lip Fillers?

Anyone with an eye for detail need not be told that Park Bo’s lips have changed. Her past images show that the singer used to have thin and normal looking lips. In her recent images, however, the old looks seem to drastically and noticeably have faded away as her lips now appear to be bigger, fuller, and plumbed. This change owes no explanation to neither nature nor maternal hormones since Bom has never been a mother at any given time. That being the case, our best explainer then turns out to be lip fillers.

As opposed to the other cosmetic procedures that the singer has had, this turns out to be the most criticized one since the results didn’t improve her beauty as intended. Instead, it has been viewed as one that was a “minus” to her natural beauty.

 Has she had Chin Augmentation?

A picture is worth a thousand words. A close-up shot of Bom’s face seems to unveil more than just a story. At a comparison between her before and after pic, the difference is visible. Initially, Bom’s chin area appeared to be broader whereas her recent pic portrays a slimmed up chin. It is not natural for one’s chin to slim up as one age and hence it is the reason the singer has been accused of using some chin implants to alter her original appearances. Again, this procedure seems to have worked perfectly for her giving a more feminine appearance.

 Did Bom have Breast Augmentation?

As evident from a comparison between her earlier image and her recent one, Bom’s cleavage seems to have grown bigger. The change has turned out to be the most debated as a majority accredit its boob job while another section of followers links it to natural weight gain and aging. To call off the disagreements, however, some experts have chipped in with a different point of view, arguing that the busty appears to be rounder in the recent days than it was initially. This has added weight to the side speculating that Park Bom has had breast augmentation to boost her cleavage.

what you need to know about park bom plastic surgery

 What about Facelift and Face Reshaping?

While Park Bom is still too young to start showing signs of droopy skin around her face, it is believed that she has had some facelift since her facial skin appears to be attractively tightened up and smooth. Besides, it is also argued that the singer might have undergone a general face reshaping since her appearance to be different from what it was some years back.


Despite Park Bom’s silence on the whole plastic surgery story around her, it is undeniable that plastic surgery has become so trendy among celebrities in this era. From observation, do you think Park Bom is the type that ages naturally? Has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? Share your thoughts.


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