Paulina Gretzky plastic surgery

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Has Paulina Gretzky had Plastic Surgery?

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Paulina Gretzky is a top model, actress, and musician, and therefore, it is obvious that she has been in the spotlight for long enough. This means each step she makes is closely under the track. In that connection, you must have heard it or seen it. Yes heard the rumors revolving around Paulina Gretzky linking her to plastic surgery.

Gretzky’s fans were the first to notice the changes in her appearance with some of them taking their observations to social media. “Paulina Gretzky for someone in her mid-20 she sure looks mid 30’s. what do you think has she aged well? or is it plastic surgery that makes her look older…” A fan expressed her concern on social media.

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In response, another fan tweeted, “She looks good but she looks like she got a lot of plastic surgery and had the Heidi Montag effect where she looked better before surgery I mean Paulina Gretzky was smoking hot 2-3 years ago but her face has changed so much she looks like she is 35, not 25”.

The plastic surgery allegations against Paulina Gretzky have been substantially backed up by who claim that Paulina Gretzky must have some plastic surgeon’s help in a bid to achieve her new model looks. Their argument is based on the fact that Gretzky’s cleavage and lips seem to have grown bigger over the years. According to the experts, a combination of filler injections and breast augmentations would be the surest to explain Gretzky’s new appearance.

Filler Injections

It is most likely that Paulina Gretzky has had lip fillers since her lips seem to drastically have changed from small to bigger over the years. A close comparison of her earlier image and her recent photo shows that in past years Gretzky’s lips were thinner than they are now with the noticeable change being accredited to filler injections. This has brought up a heated conversation amongst her fans with some saying that the cosmetic procedure has made her older than her real age while others say that she looks okay.

Breast Augmentation

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Having bigger breast?

It has been speculated that Paulina Gretzky must have had a boob job to boost her chest looks since of late her breasts seem to be bigger compared to their small size some years back. Pictures have every detail that Gretzky has had breast implants into her cleavage since her breasts seem to have grown noticeably bigger giving her a perfect model appearance.

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Though not as widely rumored as the fillers and breast augmentation, it’s also speculated that the model might have had some facelift. This speculation is based on the fact that Gretzky’s face remains smooth, and flawless with no signs of any sagging skins.


Despite all the speculations linking her to plastic surgery, Paulina Gretzky has not yet come out to publicly confirm or deny the allegations. But what do you think? From observation, do you think Gretzky has had the above speculated cosmetic procedures? What other surgical procedures do you suspect the model has had? Share your thoughts.

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