Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery

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Reba McEntire’s plastic surgery

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Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire has been trending for a time with reports that she has had plastic surgery. Saggy skins, fine lines, and wrinkles are some of the physical changes that are characteristic of people in their sixties. This however is not the case with the now 66-year old country singer and record producer Reba McEntire since a flawless, wrinkleless, and youthful appearance defines her. Her looks have sparked a lot of plastic surgery speculations among her outspoken fans with some taking it on social media.

“Reba has had so much plastic surgery I am surprised she can still move her face to sing! She looks way younger than she did 30 years ago.” One of her fans tweed before another fan added “Reba used to be awesome before she had enough plastic surgery to look a facial double for the joker.”

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Then and now

Contrary to most people’s expectations, Reba McEntire has lived in denial saying that she has never gone under the knife. “I don’t do Botox. I just don’t do it. Everybody else can, it’s fine with me. I don’t. It’s botulism, so I didn’t want to put that in my body. I think plastic surgery’s great if that’s what you want to do.” Reba McEntire reacted to the speculations linking her with plastic surgery. Despite her denial, plastic surgeons have argued that the Queen of Country has had a combination of rhinoplasty, facelift, Botox, and breast augmentation.

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Rhinoplasty speculations

According to plastic surgery experts, it is most likely that Reba McEntire had rhinoplasty. Their argument is based on the fact that in her olden days McEntire’s nose was big and lacked a ridge, something which contradicts her recent days’ appearance where her nose is slightly smaller and has a noticeable ridge.

Botox Speculations

Even though McEntire has stressfully denied the Botox allegations against her, experts and fans still hold to it that she must have undergone the procedure. This is because the country star lacks wrinkles and fine lines, an uncommon appearance with people of her age.

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Facelift Speculations

The absence of sagging skins on her face and neck at the of 65, McEntire has sparked the rumors of a possible facelift among plastic surgery experts. These speculations have been backed up by her fans who have continuously said that McEntire must have defied gravity to achieve her youthful looks at the age of 65.

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Before and after

Breast Augmentation

Following her elevated cleavage in recent days, plastic surgeons have gone on record saying that McEntire must have undergone a boob job. The conclusion is based on the fact that her breasts were smaller when she first made an appearance in the music industry, contrary to her seemingly bigger chest in recent days.

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Breast Augmentation

However, despite all these analyses, Reba McEntire has stood her grounds that she has never boosted her looks through plastic surgery. In an interview, McEntire is on record saying her youthful looks are purely the courtesy of healthy living and exercising. “I take my makeup off every night, cleanse my face, I wash my face in the morning … and moisturize very well. I always use sunscreen on my face. And use product and makeup and things that let my face breathe as much as possible. I get facials as regularly as I can and drink lots of water. And I do take fish oils. I wear one contact. I do mono-vision, and the fish oil and EPA, helps my eyes retain their moisture so my contacts don’t get dry.” She says.


It is clear that the sixty-five-year-old country queen is not likely to utter a word rhyming to the plastic surgery allegations on her. Despite her firm grounds, what is your take on the whole story pertaining to Reba McEntire’s plastic surgery? Has she or hasn’t she? Leave a comment.

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